June 29, 2017
Afroman Delivers Cringe-Worthy Punch To Female Fan At Biloxi Concert, Rapper Arrested At Scene [Video]

Afroman, the rapper known for his 2002 hit song "Because I Got High," was arrested for punching a female fan during his concert at Biloxi, Mississippi, on February 17. Afroman was in the middle of a performance when a female fan went up onstage and approached him. Afroman lashed out and landed a right haymaker to the female fan's face. After striking the woman, Afroman allegedly continued performing while the fan was left bleeding and crying. It wasn't until the lights came on that Afroman stopped his performance.

The police walked the rapper out of the venue and handcuffed him outside. A representative for Afroman tells TMZ that the rapper was unaware if the fan was male or female at the time and that he just reacted to someone interrupting him on stage. The rep added that there was a lack of security in the venue to keep fans from going onstage. The rep also said that hitting a fan is out of character for Afroman.

Afroman was born Joseph Edgar Forman on July 28, 1974. He technically started his rap career in eighth grade after he started recording and selling homemade rap tapes to his friends and classmates. In 1998, Afroman released his debut album My Fro-losophy and followed it up in 2000 with Because I Got High. It was primarily distributed through his gigs as well as the file-sharing site Napster. The single "Because I Got High" became hugely successful after it was used in the films Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Perfect Score, and Disturbia. In 2002, "Because I Got High" was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

In an interview with Consequence of Sound back in 2008, Afroman talked about the success that came from "Because I Got High."

"I love 'Because I Got High,' man, that's my song. I wrote it and it's my hit," Afroman said. "I guess when I'm ready to sing new stuff and people cut me off and want me to keep singing stuff off of the old albums, at first, it used to irritate me, but now I understand."

He adds, "I just have to maneuver that song in a way, where I can do it all. But, that song opens doors for me and it gets me a lot of places and I respect it. I'll sing it all the time. No worries. No problem."

Afroman managed to lay low after the success of "Because I Got High," opting instead to release his own material independently through the internet.

[Image via YouTube]