UFC News: Anderson Silva Flunked Second Steroid Test On Night Of UFC 183 Bout Vs. Nick Diaz

Anderson Silva, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title-holder who successfully defended that belt in 10 straight matches, tested positive for the banned steroid drostanalone on January 31 — the same night he defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in Las Vegas, the Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday.

Shockingly, the positive test was the second in in about three weeks for the 39-year-old Brazilian. Even more shockingly, his January 9 drug test came back positive for the same banned substance.

“Something I find particularly concerning is that he tested positive on Jan. 9th and then he tested negative on Jan. 19th. If he took this orally, it only stays in your system 5-to-7 days,” Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett told ESPN.

“So, obviously, he used it sometime around Jan. 9th and then he used it shortly before the night of the fight.”

According to the site Steroid.com, drostanalone was first marketed in 1970 under the brand name Masteron. Though developed as a treatment for breast cancer, the drug is helpful in removing body fat from athletes and bodybuilders and, though its marketing has been discontinued, it remains popular in athletes desiring a “cut” appearance to their physiques.

Silva was looking at a nine-month suspension for the first failed steroid test, but his penalty could grow even more severe after flunking yet again — just 22 days after the first failure.

The failed tests are the first in the legendary career of Anderson Silva, who is generally ranked among the greatest mixed martial arts athletes in the history of the sport.

While Silva as of late Tuesday had not issued a comment in response to the report of a second failed test, after the January 9 test, Silva protested his innocence, claiming to be “an advocate for a clean sport” and denying that he had ever used performance enhancing drugs.

The January 31 drug test was actually the third administered to Anderson Silva in the month of January, leading up to his showdown with Diaz at the UFC 183 event. Silva was also tested on January 19, but passed that test.

On Tuesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission met and issued a temporary suspension to Anderson Silva. But the exact length of the fighter’s suspension from the sport would not be decided until Silva gets a full hearing in front of the commission in March.

The commission has not yet announced the date of its March meeting.

[Image: Steve Marcus/Getty Images]