Kate Middleton Misses Mother’s 60th Birthday, Rift Rumors Immediately Swirl

Kate Middleton reportedly didn’t attend her mother’s 60th birthday soiree, and as a result, rumors have started to circulate that the two have had a disagreement.

According to the Daily Mail, many of the people who attended Carole Middleton’s birthday event were shocked to learn that the Duchess of Cambridge had missed the party.

It took place earlier this month at Mustique, a small private island that is located in the West Indies. Kate Middleton and Prince William did travel to the location, where they stayed in the $23,000-a-week four bedroom Villa Rocina estate with the rest of the family.

However, other attendees were surprised when the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge decided not to go to the main party that was held to celebrate Carole Middleton’s birthday. This beach party was a dual birthday celebration, which Carole co-hosted with Colin Fenn, who was celebrating his 70th birthday.

However, rather than their being any discontent between the Duchess and her mother, Kate and William were believed to be slightly overwhelmed with the idea of attending such a party. So instead they raised their glass to the birthday girl, and then they stayed behind.

It’s no wonder that Kate decided to stay behind. She is, after all, seven months pregnant, while the source noted, “Kate doesn’t want anyone getting a picture of the bump.” In fact, the insider also explained that Middleton barely left the complex while she was at her mother’s birthday celebration. Instead, she enjoyed numerous treks to the beach, courtesy of a golf buggy.

An insider for the publication added, “The party went on into the early hours with amazing cocktails and fireworks. Most of the locals were there but they were told William and Kate wanted to stay below radar. Guests were asking after them.”

However, Carole and her husband, Michael, were joined at the party by their other children, James and Pippa. In fact, Pippa is believed to have impressed the gathered masses by dancing in “a yellow bikini top and floral ra-ra skirt.”

Mr. Fenn is a multi-millionaire, who was one of the founders of Fenn Wright Manson, a prominent clothing brand.

The party wasn’t planned in advance. However when Carole Middleton and Fenn realised that they were both in the area, they decided to organize a soiree. This then allegedly resulted in a Pirates of Penzance party, which Mick Jagger even attended.

[Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images]