Kim Kardashian Tells Kelly Ripa She Married for Love, Not Money

Kelly Ripa still hasn’t found a permanent replacement for Regis Philbin. Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris, and several other celebrities have already taken their turn playing co-host on “Live With Kelly,” and today it was Kim Kardashian’s turn.

Kim used her appearance on “Live With Kelly” today to try to dispel some of the rumors about her divorce. Kardashian lost a lot of fans after rumors started to circulate that the wedding was staged and that marriage was just a scheme to make money. A boycott even started to try and get Kim off the air.

Today on “Live,” Kardashian said:

“I’m such a hopeless romantic. I wanted to believe in something so badly. But if you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming that we made off this wedding, and if the wedding was fake and just for TV – I’m a smart businesswoman, I would’ve stayed married longer. I really didn’t think following my heart would create this much backlash.”

Kim’s former publicist said that the whole wedding was a sham last November. Kardashian filed a lawsuit after the damaging comments were made public and Kim is still trying to prove to the world that she married for love.

Kim said:

“I definitely tried everything I felt like I could… I want babies. I want forever love. I just felt like, you know, if I feel in my heart that this isn’t right, then why wait years to have the same result?”

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s marriage? Do you think it was all a money-making scheme?