WWE News: Major Update On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Status, Jim Ross Says He’s Staying Put?

Brock Lesnar is currently the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Lesnar won the prestigious belt at SummerSlam, when he destroyed John Cena in a one-sided effort. Since then, Lesnar hasn’t given up the strap, and it doesn’t look like he will before WrestleMania 31. It’s been a constant struggle by the WWE to gauge where Lesnar will be after WrestleMania 31. Will he go back to the UFC, or stay with the WWE?

Last week on the Inquisitr, it was speculated that the WWE has a good shot at keeping Lesnar, if the money is appropriate. A huge update just came out that may have cracked the code regarding Lesnar’s future. According to Jim Ross, he posted on his blog, Jr’s Bar-B-Q, that his sources indicate Brock Lesnar will be staying with the WWE after WrestleMania 31.

“Sources are saying that it looks more promising that Brock Lesnar could well stay with WWE past WrestleMania due to concerns over long term health affects of competing in MMA specifically concussion oriented issues later in one’s life. gain, these are ‘sources’ and how reliable they are can only be judged after WM31 and following the status of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.”

This is a huge revelation, because it could indicate that WWE is trying extremely hard to keep the current-WWE World Heavyweight champion. Reason being, he’s the best thing WWE has right now. There is no arguing that fact. Each time Lesnar and Paul Heyman come on WWE programming, ratings increase. Lesnar is very expensive, yes, but he is worth the price 20 times a year.

Without Lesnar in the WWE, the company faces a harsh reality. They are without a monster-heel at the moment. If Roman Reigns were to turn heel before WrestleMania 31, or even at the event, then Lesnar leaving wouldn’t be so hard. However, that won’t be the case, because he will be utilized as a face for the time being.

While Lesnar might not be with the UFC, he’s still making his presence felt. Just yesterday, he offered his advice to CM Punk about transitioning from pro-wrestler to UFC fighter. That does make everything interesting, though, because the fact that Lesnar is still involved in the UFC makes the dynamic of his potential switch that more intriguing. Will he leave the WWE for the UFC? Jim Ross doesn’t think so.

However, if an offer from Dana White comes in that he cannot turn down, then WWE will be looking for another top heel sooner rather than later.

[Image via dailywrestlingnews.com]