Chevy Chase’s Weight Gain And Sweating At ‘SNL 40’ Linked To Steroids, Possible Disease, Says Expert [Video]

Chevy Chase drew attention at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary red carpet – but it was for all the wrong reasons. His noticeable weight gain and profuse perspiration caused Twitter to explode with questions. Now a physician says that Chase’s bloating and sweating may be linked to the use of steroids as well as Cushing syndrome, reported Radar Online.

The 71-year-old drew attention for more than weight gain. His face was so puffy that some on Twitter questioned whether it was actually Chevy.

“[I was] alarmed at what I saw last night. I doubt it was just weight gain,” said Dr. Ashakan Ghavami, who has not treated Chase.

A plastic surgeon and professor at the David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine, the physician also commented on Chase’s puffy face, which he said could be what’s known as Cushing syndrome. This condition results from long-term use of steroids.

“Steroids or some kinds of medication can cause bloating. There seems to be a buffalo hump on the back of his neck and it is ‘cushingoid’ on his face,” added Dr. Ghavami.

As for rumors that Chase had plastic surgery resulting in the changes in his appearance, the physician disagreed.

“His appearance could possibly be due to steroid administration. This can come from auto immune diseases or certain types of cancer. But it is unlikely purely weight gain.”

But Chevy has had a rocky professional career in addition to his personal health issues, pointed out the Washington Post.

He famously wrote an op-ed introducing himself as “Chevy Chase is Chevy Chase and you’re not.” But now that quote is being mocked on Twitter, with questions as to whether he really is Chase.

And although he appeared on the red carpet, Chase appeared confused when interviewer Carson Daly pointed out that Chevy had appeared on Saturday Night Live.

“I was!” Chase recalled.

He then rambled.

“I don’t think we really knew; it was late night and we knew we could do things you usually couldn’t do in earlier night,” mused Chevy aloud. “I liked [hosting]. I liked it. But I missed it more for not being a part of the cast because I left after one year.”

Chase seemed aware of his obvious sweat.

“I’m sorry if I’m perspiring, but I just had to run through a gauntlet,” he complained.

Many on Twitter, however, expressed genuine concern for the once-successful comedian, pointed out Hollywood Life.

“I’m extremely concerned about Chevy Chase after that interview with Carson Daly” – Whitney Harold

“I hope Chevy Chase is ok, seemed a bit emotional or not well on the show.” – Kate Hendricks

As Twitter worried about Chase’s health, former and current cast members took time to remember those who were gone but not forgotten, such as Gilda Radner, as the Inquisitr reported.

“Losing John and Gilda was sad, but it’s not just them,” said Jane Curtin. “We’ve lost many. Some of the memories are lovely, some are sad, some are funny. But you keep going back.”

But can Chevy Chase come back and recover mentally and physically? What did you think of his appearance? Post your comments below.

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