NeNe Leakes Is Impressed At How Phaedra Parks Handled Her Out-Of-Control Husband

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has managed to stay out of the drama with the other housewives, including Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks’ recent troubles on the show. Even though Leakes and Parks have become close friends over the years, especially after NeNe and Cynthia Bailey ended their friendship, NeNe wasn’t there for her when she had to deal with Nida going to jail.

While NeNe Leakes may have called Phaedra behind closed doors to offer her support, she still wanted to speak about the drama episode that aired on Sunday. Many fans were concerned about Parks’ safety, as Apollo Nida avoided turning himself in to serve his eight years behind bars. In addition, he kept walking around with power tools and telling her not to call the police.

According to a new She Knows report,The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is now revealing that she is proud of how Phaedra handled the situation. In fact, Leakes is very open about her feelings, saying that she thinks that Parks is much better off without Nida in her life. Parks has since filed for divorce.

Of course, it was a tense situation to watch, as Phaedra was changing the security systems in her home, and Apollo being very aggressive with her. But NeNe Leakes thought that Parks’ comments were actually a bit funny.

“I laughed a couple of times at some of the things she was saying,” NeNe has revealed.

Leakes and Apollo used to be friends, and NeNe admits to saying that she does not condone the way he handled everything. She thinks that Phaedra needs to set an example with this argument, so she shows women that they should not be in such relationships.

“I don’t like that kind of stuff…what was happening at the end [of Apollo and Nida’s relationship]. The going back and forth, that’s a no for me,” NeNe Leakes reveals about Phaedra’s marriage.

But NeNe Leakes is also dishing on rumors that Phaedra has been cheating on her husband, Apollo. According to the Inquisitr, NeNe has revealed that Parks does have a person named Chocolate in her life, but clarified that she didn’t know whether there was a person who she was sleeping with. In other words, Leakes isn’t necessarily supporting Phaedra by saying everything to put her in a positive light.

What do you think about NeNe Leakes’ comments? Do you think she is impressed at how Parks handled the situation because she added humorous comments in a possibly dangerous situation?

[Image via Bravo]