‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: The Girls Connect With MattyB In ‘Wild Wild West Coast’

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime, and this is the first of a two-part episode. Abby Lee Miller and the girls are still in Los Angeles trying to break into other avenues of the entertainment industry, and there’s a big audition ahead in this one. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the February 17 episode?

This one is called “Wild Wild West Coast.” There will be an audition for a MattyB video and this is a big deal for the girls and the moms. Of course, everybody wants to ensure they get a piece of this opportunity. TV Guide teases that in addition to the video audition, Abby will bring in two swing dancers who apparently end up taking up a lot of her time. Will this take away from the other dancers in the Abby Lee Dance Company?

According to the available Dance Moms spoilers for Tuesday’s episode, the competition won’t take place until the second part of this episode airing on February 24. It seems that the two dancers brought in will be Sarah Reasons and Brynn Rumfallo.

A Facebook Dance Moms spoiler sneak peek shows that there will be a pyramid reveal in this episode based on the results of the last competition. Abby puts JoJo at the bottom of the pyramid and taunts that sometimes JoJo acts like a 5-year-old. She says that the dancer should have watched the movie her solo was based on, and JoJo’s mom stands up for their decision not to view it. JoJo gets tears in her eyes and Abby rips into her.

Miller says that JoJo shouldn’t have an entitled attitude and doesn’t deserve a thing, rather she has to earn it. The dancer defends her crying, saying if she is going to get yelled at, she’s going to cry. Abby then throws JoJo out of the studio. While of course she will return, it will certainly make for some drama.

A Dance Moms spoilers Instagram page notes that everybody from Abby’s group but Maddie Ziegler will audition for the MattyB video. Maddie, instead, is busy filming an episode of Austin and Ally. Mackenzie also ends up not participating in the video, but JoJo, Kalani, and Nia are all prominently featured in the new video.

During the second part of this episode airing next week, there will be drama surrounding the music video shoot. Abby apparently has a disagreement with MattyB’s manager and tries to shut things down. She also decides to cut a dancer, leaving the moms scrambling. There will also be a competition, though the results don’t seem to fully be spoiled at this point.

Some fan favorites such as Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland may be gone, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of drama to follow this season on the show. Abby got into a fierce battle with Nia’s mom Holly this season, but it looks like most of that has blown over for the moment. How will the moms react to Sarah and Brynn coming into the picture this week?

Tune in to Dance Moms for the first part of “Wild Wild West Coast” airing on Lifetime on Tuesday, February 17. The MattyB video is a great opportunity for the girls, but naturally with the opportunity comes some Abby Lee Miller drama as well.

[Image via MattyB Raps YouTube]