Liam Payne Has A Penis Drawn On His Face After A Big Night Out In Melbourne

Liam Payne

One Direction star Liam Payne enjoyed a big night out in Melbourne, Australia on Valentines day. One week into One Directions 80-night “On The Road Again” tour, 21-year-old Liam and his 23-year-old band mate Louis Tomlinson took the opportunity to check out some of what Melbourne’s nightlife has to offer after the band’s show at the city’s Etihad stadium.

According to the Mail, Liam and Louis took the opportunity to check out the city’s “Eve” nightclub after their performance. News.Com.AU claims that Liam and Louis hung out at South Melbourne club Valentine’s Day with a small posse, including security guards, and without their long-term girlfriends Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder. Liam Payne has been dating Sophia Smith for nearly three years, while Tomlinson and Calder have been an item for four years.

A source at the club told News Corp that Liam and Louis’ security team arrived at the venue just before 1 a.m. to check out the venue before giving Liam and Louis the clear. Payne and Tomlinson then arrived and were ushered through a backdoor away from the crowds and into one of the club’s VIP Gold rooms.

Another source said that it “It was very hush, hush, Not everyone noticed they were there. They were drinking bottle service, vodka shots.” Liam and Louis stayed for about an hour and were photographed with the club’s owners, Nick Russian and Antonella Alossio, and a female friend.

When Liam Payne and Tomlinson returned to their hotel, they were met by fans at the lobby and Tomlinson sent the social media platform into meltdown after a video was posted of him online which appeared to show him telling fans “I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate.” The footage has now been discredited.

Liam and Louis’ big night out came shortly after Liam had disclosed that their life on the road was far from rock ‘n’ roll. Payne explained how the band’s demands on their tour riders are more like kids’ lunch-boxes.

“The terrible thing is, we’re just a bit lazy to make a rider, we went through back at school, what you’d have in your lunchbox. We’re talking Lunchables, Dairylea Dunkers. Pot Noodles are on there as well as Wotsits.”

On their return to their hotel Liam and Louis appeared to be slightly the worse for wear and Tomlinson later admitted to having drawn a penis on Liam’s face with a Sharpie after Payne fell asleep. Tomlinson said, “You actually had a penis [drawing] on your head,” as he and Payne chatted about the night before.

Liam later took to twitter to say that “tomorrow will not be easy,” presumably referring to an impending hangover.

Liam Payne and his mates have just two shows left in Australia, in Adelaide and Perth, before they move on to the next leg in Japan.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]