Charles Manson Wedding Is ‘Still On,’ Claims Cult Fiancée Afton Burton

Cult Fiancée Afton Burton

The woman who calls herself “Star,” a.k.a. Afton Elaine Burton, is engaged to America’s most infamous mass murderer, Charles Manson and claimed in a recent TV interview that her marriage to Manson is going ahead, despite reports to the contrary.

Inside Edition reported that Burton said in the televised interview, “Yes, I am going to marry Charlie Manson! I think he’s the most handsome man in the world.”

Burton developed an uncanny obsession for Manson when she was a teenager working at a branch of McDonald’s in Illinois. For nearly a decade Burton has lived just outside the Central California prison when Manson is held, just so she can see him twice a week, which she does regularly.

The fact that Burton is only 27, while Charles Manson is 80, not to mention the fact that he will certainly die in prison, makes him not the ideal candidate for a husband to grow old with.

Nevertheless, Burton is determined, as she said, “I’m going to stick with him whether or not he’s in prison.”

Talking about the first time she met Manson, Burton reminisced, “I just thought he was the cutest thing. He probably asked me ten times if I wanted to get married.”

The publication caught up with Burton’s mother, Melissa Burton, from Bunker Hill, Illinois. While she’s never met Manson, and will not be attending the wedding, she said about her daughter, “We love her with all our hearts! She’s my daughter!”

When she was asked, “Will any family members or friends be going to the wedding?” she responded, “No.”

When Inside Edition showed the interview, conducted by journalist James McGrath, to clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere, he said, “This is someone who probably is pretty delusional in thinking that what she is doing is very honorable, very healthy, when it’s everything but!”

However, Burton isn’t the only woman obsessed with Manson as he enjoys a significant cult following, known as “The Family,” from other women who see something special in him.

For her part, Burton vowed that she will marry Charles Manson, no matter what anyone says, “I could take very good care of him,” she concluded.