‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Finale Spoilers Tease What For Grey Sloan Memorial?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 is only half over, but fans of the series are already being teased about the big finale. This ABC series is known for its big season finales, and this season is promising another big finish. TV Line shared the first spoilers for the Grey’s Anatomy finale on Monday.

Fans will see a new man join the series, and he will romance one of the single ladies on staff. He will arrive on one of the episodes just before the finale. TV Line teased a few details about the new character.

“Only that there may be a new fella for the ladies of Grey+Sloan Memorial to fawn over by season’s end. Just weeks before the finale arrives, the ABC drama will introduce the possibly recurring character of Jack Pruitt, a strong, rugged, handsome and tall police captain in his late 30s. Which available (and tall?) female might find this hunky hero to be arresting?”

Who will catch the eye if the new police captain? Meredith, Bailey, and April are married, Arizona is still very lesbian, so that leaves only a few options. Maggie and Callie are still single. Callie is bisexual, so the possibility of her hooking up with another man is not out of the question.

Maggie is very single, and she has started talking about her past relationships. She cannot even share a bed with another man she revealed on the last episode. She needs her space to sleep.

Stephanie is also single, but it would be more likely to have Maggie date someone before the intern is involved in another relationship. Stephanie is also heading towards something else that will give the character more to do. She will be involved in another huge medical case by the end of the season, according to Jerrika Hinton. She shared some details with E! Online.

“Stephanie gets to be a part of something groundbreaking with someone you haven’t seen her in too many scenes with before. Stephanie’s journey in the back half of the season, as it stands right now, I’m excited for it. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited because playing the jilted lover, that was something, but now I get to sink my teeth into something! And I love when I get to do research, and the things that Stephanie is involved with now…somehow or another Grey Sloan is always the place with groundbreaking medical discoveries. I don’t know how that’s case but it is!”

There is also Derek’s little sister. She is still single at the moment, but the last episode started moving Amelia and Owen closer together. A romance for this pair has been teased already, and it does appear to be moving forward.

The love lives of the staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital are a very big part of the show. A sneak peek released by ABC for this week’s episode, Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 12, titled “The Great Pretender,” shows Meredith returning home from her weekend trip, but Maggie knows that trip was not with Derek. The clip ends with Callie complaining about the fact that everyone has someone but her.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 finale may be months away, but Shonda Rhimes is known for putting a lot of work into the season ending plot lines. The new male arrival has not yet been cast, but fans should keep an eye out for that announcement in the near future.

What do you think? Who will find love with the new male character on Grey’s Anatomy?