‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’ Final English Trailer Released — May Induce Need For Moogle Hugs

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Final English Trailer Released - Courtesy Photo - Square Enix

Square Enix has released the final trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD today for the English-speaking market. The bleak opening shows off just how dark this Final Fantasy offering is compared to other games in the series. In addition to the final trailer for Type-0 HD, a special bumper shows off the English demo trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.

In North America, the ESRB has given Final Fantasy Type-0 HD the “M for Mature” rating, citing the “blood,” “violence,” and “suggestive themes” content within the game is recommended for gamers aged 17 and older. Sorry, kids. This one’s for adult eyes only. Even grown ups just might need to hug a Moogle after viewing.

The Type-0 HD trailer features English subtitles along with the original the Japanese voice-overs. Players will have the option in the English-language version of the game to choose between listening to the English or Japanese voice cast performances.

As each scene plays out, fans get a closer look at the many challenges the students of Class Zero are up against. From the trailer, it seems each student in Class Zero has their own reasons to fight and the theme of protecting loved ones echoes throughout.

“That’s why we fight – to protect the ones we care about.”

Those words open the trailer as Ace, the main protagonist, hears a dying man covered in blood call out, “I don’t want to die.” It’s a chilling scene that defines the brooding, war-torn tone gamers can expect from Type-0 HD. Although, it is somewhat tempered by small ray of hope at the end via a scene where the members of Class Zero share laughter and smiles despite their bloodied, battle-weary faces.

In the previously released “Traitors of Orience” trailer, a close-up and personal montage of the students that make up Class Zero.

Although this particular trailer is designed to come across as Empire propaganda that does not paint Class Zero in the best possible light, it becomes clear these classmates are not the best of buddies who work together without conflict. Certainly not at first. This young bunch has all the angst and emotional temperance anyone would expect out of magical teen students fighting a war.

Those interested in a closer look at the action-driven gameplay can get a complete overview of the combat system in the “Orience News: Combat Special” trailer.

Type-0 HD uses a real-time battle system in the same vein as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Of the 14 members of Class Zero, three can be actively battle in the party at a time. Managing the members and their unique abilities and weapons appears to be the strategic core of this Final Fantasy title.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has a North American release date of March 17, 2015, according to the official website. Type-0 HD releases in Japan on March 19. Street date for Europe and the U.K. is March 20.