Matchmine to power personalized channel on ffwd

Media discovery service Matchmine has signed a deal to power a personalized video channel on ffwd, the as yet released “revolutionary platform for channel surfing video on the web from any device.”

Under the deal, MatchKey users will be able to create a personalized MatchKey Channel within ffwd. users will be able to create a MatchKey account from within the service.

ffwd is due to launch in the northern Autumn (fall) and promises a sort of FriendFeed / semantic recommendations service. Users start viewing videos within and the service recommends related videos. Users can also subscribe to channels from friends, so popular videos can be shared across the network.

Where ffwd seeks to be different is through an embedded strategy on other web enabled devices, for example the company is testing (and will likely launch) a Wii version downloadable from the Wii store, so users can surf web videos easily via their Wiis. Software solutions aren’t as big a challenge as breaking into hardware via cable boxes for example, although this has been mentioned as one strategy the company is pursuing. VentureBeat has a good run down on ffwd here. HyveUp has a video with ffwd’s CEO below.