'Batman V Superman' Promo Art Released, Trailer Days Away?

Gregory Wakeman

New promo art has popped up online for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, leading some moviegoers to predict that the first trailer for the hugely anticipated blockbuster is only days away.

Whether that is actually true is still very much up for debate though. But the new promo art, which features Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill's Superman, and Ben Affleck's Batman, has helped to shine more attention on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, especially in lieu of the press and attention that Spider-Man's transfer from Sony to Marvel Studios received last week.

You can check out the image in all of its glory at the top of the page. It started to do the rounds on the internet after a Reddit user got his hands on it and then attached it to a thread, which soon went viral.

And the fact that it shows the film's two titular characters, and Gal Gadot's beloved super-heroine in one poster is expected to be met with wild fervor by comic-book fans.

It looks as though the above image is genuinely a new promotional image for the hugely anticipated blockbuster, which is being directed by Zack Snyder and is a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel.

That's because an original low-resolution version of the picture actually popped up online last month following the Hong Kong Licensing Show.

Back in January, Jo Blo got their hands on a few shoddy pictures of the promo art that they then uploaded to their website. The new images are much clearer, and suggest that a new round of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice promotional work is just around the corner.

Hopefully, this will result in a teaser trailer for the blockbuster finally premiering. Earlier this month there was widespread speculation that a Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer would finally appear at the same time Jupiter Ascending was released into cinemas.

However, this clip failed to materialize, and with the release date for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice now just over a year away (it will hit cinemas on March 25, 2016) moviegoers believe that the first trailer is going to be released imminently. How imminent is still very much up for debate though.

Previous rumors have suggested that the first full trailer will premiere with Mad Max: Fury Road on May 15, 2015. However, with the pressure for footage growing, there's every chance that a trailer could arrive sooner than that. Let's hope that's the case.

[Image via Reddit]