‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Big Revelations Leave Worlds And Relationships Shaken

Fans of Days of Our Lives have had a lot of crazy events to track this month with the February sweeps in full swing. What can viewers expect to see transpire during the week of February 16? New Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that it’s going to continue to be a wild ride.

She Knows Soaps shares that on Monday’s show, the drama with Aiden and Hope will continue. She senses that he’s tense and wonders if he’s not happy to see her there. He says that it’s where his wife died, but her being there makes it better.

Aiden leaves to go get groceries and Bree arrives. She tells Hope that Meredith was scared of Aiden and tells Hope about the hidden recording.Bree warns that Meredith trusted Aiden and she’s now dead, and soon Hope finds the recording.

Also on Monday’s show, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Will promises Sonny, who lies unconscious, that he’ll never let anything separate them again. Just as Paul is about to enter Sonny’s room, Adrienne stops him and says she knows who he is. Soon she hugs him and says he saved Sonny’s life. He explains that he still loves Sonny but knows that his ex has moved on.

Paige and JJ see one another, and he reminds her that their relationship is over. She is stunned that she was so wrong about him, and Daphne pulls her away. JJ goes to Sonny’s room and tells Will that he cheated on Paige. As Will, Adrienne, and Lucas sit in Sonny’s room, Sonny opens his eyes and gasps.

During Tuesday’s show, Aiden will make a big confession about Meredith. After all of the build-up on this one over the past week, just what will the truth be on this one? Paul will put everything on the line, and the response shocks him. Wally Kurth returns to Salem in the role of Justin and he discovers that Adrienne has grown close to Lucas. In addition, Victor takes steps to protect his family.

As the week continues, We Love Soaps reveals Days of Our Lives spoilers indicating that Paul is upset to realize what he’s done and Hope faces the truth about who Aiden truly is. Melanie will turn to Nicole for help while JJ looks to Eve.

There is an unexpected face-off later in the week and Marlena is stunned by what Paul reveals. Serena is still working on her plan and Adrienne will turn to Lucas when she finds revealing texts on Justin’s phone.

On Friday’s show, Will faces something big as everything comes crashing down on him. Jennifer has some intense words for Eve after learning what she’s done and Serena is left shaken by what Eric has to share with her. Justin is looking for Adrienne, and he’s stunned to find her kissing Lucas.

There are big changes ahead for key relationships this week, and Salem may never be the same. Who will find new love and which pairs will be saying goodbye? Tune into Days of Our Lives airing weekdays on NBC to see just how it all plays out.

[Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]