Hannibal Buress Signs On To Roast Justin Bieber As ‘Bloody Mayhem’ Nears

Justin Bieber said he was “kinda scared” about his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. That feeling may have ramped up considerably.

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Kevin Hart will be the Roast Master on hand, comes news that comic Hannibal Buress has signed on to the line-up that will publicly skewer the singer just 13 days after his 21st birthday on March 1.

As announced, “Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber” tapes March 14 and airs on the network on March 30. Anticipation for some kind of apocalyptic humbling of the polarizing 20-year-old is presently a hot topic on forums, blogs, and media reports, and it’s a safe bet the singer’s many “haters” are counting (muttering) down the days.

That charming constituency will surely be delighted to read TMZ’s most recent report that Buress — or “alleged rape and drugging nemesis” as he may be referred to in Bill Cosby’s household — is the latest comedian to come on board the Bieber takedown.

Buress famously called out Cosby for his alleged crimes during his stand-up routine at a Philadelphia comedy club last October, which catalysed the firestorm that now surrounds the embattled 77-year-old.

While Bieber’s well-documented teen exploits are clearly nowhere near the alleged gravity and victim consequence of Cosby’s, the addition of Buress will go to some way to assuring expressed concerns by some that Bieber’s roast may go easy on the 20-year-old.

If Buress wasn’t afraid to take on a former establishment figure like Cosby, he won’t be at all shy about going in on the Biebs’ embarrassment of rich material. Namely, egging, that ‘stache, paparazzi clashes, dramas with Selena Gomez, anger management classes, his Believe tour, arrests, infamously surreal mugshot — and the rest.

That point was recently underlined by comic-actor Kevin Hart and Jeff Ross, the latter is a longtime Roast Master General at previous Comedy Central Roasts.

Shortly after Hart was unveiled as the Roast Master, a statement from the Ride Along star emerged, in which Hart told The Wrap, “I don’t normally do roasts but I had to step out for my guy Biebs… It’s his big 21. It’s about to be ‘operation roast everyone’s ass.'”

Meanwhile, while promising “bloody mayhem” at the Biebs’ roast to the Metro Times, Ross told The Oakland Press that he couldn’t wait to put the singer through the wringer.

“I can hardly believe this is going to happen,” Ross said, adding that jokes about Bieber’s past missteps are “pouring out of me.”

He added, “I’m doing this vicariously for America. It’s too good to be true.”

Referring to Bieber’s reported view of his looming roast as “therapy,” Ross went to say he recently spent time with the Canadian and found “he has thick skin.”

He continued, “He’s obviously masochistic, which is a good boost for someone about to be roasted.”

Musing, Ross added, “I think he’s looking at this at a reset for the last couple of years that he’s gone through as he is now entering manhood.”

“I think he’ll come out of it feeling refreshed,” he concluded.

With Hannibal Buress now part of Bieber’s comic gauntlet, that may not be the first word the singer finds comes to mind.

[Images via TMZ.com]