Michael Jordan Simulator Lets You Relive Some Of His Greatest Moments

Ever dream that you were Michael Jordan? Well, according to the Big Lead, video production company Stardust joined forces with Nike and AKQA to bring to life some Jordan’s greatest moments. They have created a simulator they dub as “The Last Shot.” It allows you to rehash some of the most memorable plays as you, the fan, walk in the some of the biggest shoes in sports.

Remember the play when Jordan “gently” pushed off Utah Jazz forward Byron Russell to hit the shot, giving the Chicago Bulls their sixth NBA title?

Do you remember how the excitement of that play was shown over and over again?

You can step into this simulator and generate your own version of that Michael Jordan play.

Fans step onto what is a close equivalent to half of a basketball court. There are white walls on three sides of the court as a THX 1138. Once the simulation starts, the walls take on the effect akin to a live crowd at a game and the floor changes depending on which moment you choose to reenact. The walls are LED lights that are constantly altering from one situation to the next, giving fans a realistic experience.

Each fan gets to choose which of the eight Michael Jordan moments they want to simulate. Once they take the court, they are accompanied by people who reenact the roles according to how it happened during the time that the situation took place.

Establishing authenticity was on the minds of the Stardust staff. They wanted to go for a true 1980s feel, look, and sound.

In a Wired.com report, Associate Creative Director of AKQA Eamonn Dixon goes in further when explaining what their intentions were and how they went about recreating Jordan’s best plays. He goes on to talk about the process, even mentioning when and why he pitched their idea to Jordan.

“We pitched it (to Jordan) around October. We knew the 30th anniversary was coming up, and All-Star Weekend is a tentpole moment for the brand each year. Because it’s the 30th, it’s the time to do something truly innovative and historic.

The 30th anniversary is a look forward, to inspire the next generation. This installation was a way for us to educate people about the man behind the brand, to show the situations that made him who he was.”

There are several basketball fans, die-hard as well as casual, that have always wanted to be Michael Jordan at least once in their life. You see the commercials, you watch the highlights, and you hear the stories. Stardust, AKQA, and Nike found a way for you to relive some of those famous days.

I want to be like Mike.