Kim Kardashian Tweets About Kanye West’s ‘Iconic Moment’ On SNL40, Gets Roundly Roasted On Twitter

The Twitter account surely experienced a surge of interest during her husband’s performance on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special Sunday evening. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kanye West began his “SNL40” performance flat on his back, as West first sang his classic “Jesus Walks” song, and later transitioned to “Only One” before flowing into his new “Wolves” song. Leave it to Kardashian to play the ever-supportive wife, even as the criticisms for Kanye’s “SNL40” performance flowed into social media.

“Iconic moment!!! Kanye SNL”

It was a complimentary tweet that sent Kardashian fans and detractors alike retweeting her words and adding their own, and a performance that sent “Kanye SNL” to the top trending topics on Twitter.

: Iconic moment!!! Kanye SNL: No doubt.. I will have nightmares.”

Twitter users didn’t waste much time telling Kardashian how they really felt about Kanye’s performance — ranting on from everything to unmentionable racist comments to reactions to Kanye’s eyes, which appeared to be altered using some kind of colorful contact lenses. Twitter users even grabbed stills from the Kardashian sex tape with Ray J and compared her positioning in that salacious film to West’s positioning singing on the floor of the “SNL40” special. However, Kardashian was unfazed and continued her support of Kanye, next tweeting a formula that recognized Kanye’s new “Wolves” song that he performed after “Jesus Walks” on the “SNL40” Anniversary special.

“Vic x Kanye x Sia = Wolves SNL 40”

Lastly, Kardashian tweeted a photo of Kanye hanging out with the classic SNL characters Garth and Wayne, along with their classic catchphrase.

“Party time excellent!!!!!”

Indeed, it wasn’t all criticism of Kanye and Kardashian filling up Twitter. Certain Twitter users made their pleasure known clearly and concisely.

“Besides Kanye SNL was awesome.”

All the backlash and mixed reactions are something Kimye has grown accustomed to, with folks following the couple’s every move. Whether Kardashian sports a semi-sheer gown at NYFW, as reported by E! Online, or spends Valentine’s Day in New York City with Kanye kissing her and alternatively passing out new Jeezy boots to fans, as reported by People Magazine, people will follow the couple’s progress. Namely, their daughter North West’s tantrums at NYFW got the most attention, as reported by the International Business Times. It got the most press, that is, until Kanye’s iconic SNL performance that aired Sunday night.

[Image of Kanye West via Kim Kardashian Twitter]