Guys Read The Texts They Send To Their Girlfriends And It’s Cringe-Worthy

Valentine’s Day has passed. So, you would think we would be done with all the cutesy couple stuff. Did you read the report about the 5,800 year old hugging couple? Yeah, that definitely deserves an “awww.”

But these guys, while cute, get more of a “Huh?”

Elite Daily gathered a bunch of guys and sectioned them off into pairs. They swapped phones to read the texts that were shared between the other guy and his girlfriend (or boyfriend.) (Warning: Video contains some explicit language.)

The pairs were, first, asked how often they texted their significant other. Answer ranged from one guy who did not do it very often to another who compared himself to a middle school student.

“We just started. So, I feel like we get some forgiveness for texting like middle school kids.”

Some of the guys were hesitant to relinquish their phone to their pals, “Aww man! Alright, hold on.” Others were into the idea with enthusiastic responses of “Sure!” and “Absolutely!”

As Huffington Post pointed out, some of the texts were just adorable, “I wanna see the blush! Why can’t you just be here right now? I wanna kiss you!” This came from the guy who had recently begun to date his girlfriend.

Other cute texts were, “Yay for kisses!” and “Oh no, that’s terrible! I want you to have a good day, I’ll have to talk to the days.” Can we get a collective “awww?”

A favorite was a text exchange between boyfriend and girlfriend, “My scarf smells like you.” She responded, “That’s it. Now you can sell it for millions.” The smoother talker said the right thing: “Nah, that’s too low. You’re priceless, girl.” Oh yes, that man deserves an applause.

Don’t let the innocent ones fool you, some phones were full of not-so-romantic texts.

“You got a lot of naked picture of her here.”

Of course there were going to be some nudes. One guy just had to verbalize it for the cameras. Another more risqué text was, “Love your butt, can’t wait to taste it.” Yep. That’ll just get left right there.

Unfortunately, for one guy, things got a bit too personal: “Hey sweetness, got a clean bill of health :)” We don’t want to know what he might have had.

Guys, does this make you rethink what you text to you girlfriends? Are your texts cute, smooth, or do they make others want to facepalm?

[Photo via YouTube Screen Shot]