October 18, 2017
Carrie Underwood Receives Baby Advice From Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott

Country music superstar and American Idol alum Carrie Underwood is only months away from giving birth to her baby boy with her husband Mike Fisher, and she is taking this time to study up on motherhood.

Recently, she received some advice from her friend Hillary Scott, of the country music group Lady Antebellum. Hillary gave Carrie some great tips on going on tour with a baby on board.

"Carrie and I are really good friends and it was an honest, expectant [and] new mom conversation," Scott told People Magazine.

Scott, who is the mother to 18-month-old Eisele Kaye, explained that it is hard to learn to balance motherhood and work.

"It's a weird transition at first — you feel like you have to split your brain because you're in such a mommy mode and then you've got to work at such an intense job too."

Scott insisted to Underwood that she not tiptoe around the baby. Traveling with an infant can be chaotic, and they need to learn how to adapt and sleep anywhere.

"I told Carrie, 'Don't try to cater the noise thing to the baby because they'll sleep through it,'" Scott said.

"Eisele started flying and traveling with us at 3 months, so we made an effort to make sure she was adaptable and could sleep anywhere. And I said, 'Let your dogs bark!' I know she loves her dogs – they are her babies too."
"She [Eisele] would nap on us or she would nap in a Pack 'n Play in a hotel, [or] she would nap in her crib," Hillary added.
"She learned the only constant was us because she was with us all the time and she knew that we were her home."
Hillary also urged Carrie to focus on the layout of their tour bus, and finding a nanny that is capable of providing the best care possible for her baby.

"Carrie and I talked about the layout of the bus as well," Scott said.

"You need to make sure the walls are padded and you can have the monitor installed in the bunk so you can look at them while you are in the front or the back lounge and make sure they are in a good position. A lot of it is finding a really great nanny — someone who can be on the road and understand that life and schedule."
Carrie announced her pregnancy last fall on Instagram, and then confirmed that she was expecting a boy in November at the 2014 Country Music Association Awards.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]