Justin Timberlake Songs Set To Be Music For Wife Jessica Biel’s New Movie

It seems that, in the wake of being pregnant, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are working on a new movie together. However, while not acting, Justin-Timberlake songs — actually, his compositions — will be the music for the film.

The film is called The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and it is currently being shot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Justin’s most recent tour, the 20/20 Experience World Tour, ended in January. Yet, like many successful artists, he didn’t take a break in stride.

Justin Timberlake Gets Ready For SNL 40th Event With Jimmy Fallon
Credits: Instagram - Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake gets ready for SNL 40th event with Jimmy Fallon

Along with recent endeavors like acting on Saturday Night Live‘s 40th Anniversary (SNL40), the Internet Movie Database notes Timberlake’s songs as the only source of music for the upcoming movie.

Justin has been in the music industry ever since his younger years with Disney — as well as his years in the popular group, N’Sync. Coincidentally, during the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, Timberlake reunited with his N’Sync counterparts in one of the skits.

As can be seen, fans were excited about the group’s performance. During 2014, there was buzz of an N’Sync comeback tour after appearing in the movie, This Is the End — in which Justin did not appear. Given that Timberlake has done so much without them, if he had appeared in the movie cameo, do you think it would have helped or hurt his public perception?

Justin Timberlake During N'Sync Years
Credits: Huffington Post Justin Timberlake during his N'Sync years.

Since his separation and maturity from the group, Justin’s songs have topped charts and gained and maintained superb statuses. A few of the up-to-date ones are:

  1. “Suit & Tie”
  2. “Take Back the Night”
  3. “Mirrors”
  4. “Tunnel Vision”
  5. “Don’t Hold the Wall”

And a few others.

With so many world-known hits, is it understandable that The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea‘s production would primarily be his for the taking? However, then again, Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica, is one of the producers for the movie. Could that have anything to do with it — though his credibility proves itself?

Justin Timberlake With Jay-Z Timbaland And Naz
Credits: Huffington Post Justin Timberlake with Jay-Z, Timbaland and Naz.

So, expect to hear some of Timberlake’s new songs in this upcoming film. Do you think it will be a good or bad production?

What are your thoughts?

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