WWE News: NXT Could Have Huge Representation At WrestleMania 31, But Sami Zayn Isn’t Sure It Should

After NXT had their quarterly special, Takeover: Rival, they held their tapings for the next few weeks leading up to WrestleMania 31. Now, the wonder lies in whether NXT will have any part of the biggest event of the year or not, and one of their main stars actually believes they probably shouldn’t be there anyway.

The popularity of NXT has grown tremendously over the last two years, and it really is taking on an entity all its own. Bleacher Report believes that it is incredibly important that the brand has a match at WrestleMania 31 as it would kill on such a large stage.

So many agree with that thought, but there is actually one person that isn’t quite in the same boat. That is one of NXT’s biggest supporters and stars — Sami Zayn.

Wrestling Inc. reported that the former NXT World Champion believes the appeal of NXT is keeping it on a smaller level.

“I think if you were to have an NXT World Championship Match at WrestleMania while obviously for me personally I would be a huge thrill, I don’t think you can necessarily capture the magic of what NXT is and really harness it and put it on full display for the world to understand it, on such a grand scale like that. When you take the product out of its environment and throw it on a grand stage I think it would lose something there.”

Zayn may have a very valid point there, and to damage the appeal of NXT would be a shattering blow to WWE. Hopefully, that won’t end up happening, but there are already some huge ideas being pitched for NXT appearing at WrestleMania 31.

A number of ideas have been thrown around for NXT’s presence at the biggest wrestling event of the year, and one big thing could mean a huge multi-man match. Some are even saying that it could be a ladder match, as previously reported here on Inqusitr.

Obviously, that would include the new NXT Champion Kevin Owens and likely Zayn, Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami, Finn Baylor, and possibly Taylor Breeze. Who even knows if a returning Rhyno could be thrown into the mix?

WrestleMania is a huge event that goes much longer than the regular three-hour event, and usually by two hours. That’s more than enough time to incorporate all of the primary stars in WWE and include an NXT match as well.

Give a group of NXT stars a good 15-20 minutes at WrestleMania, and it could bring in a whole new crop of fans that don’t yet believe there is life outside of WWE. Sami Zayn may not think it’s worthwhile, but it could also be a huge stepping stone to making NXT a seriously competitive brand in today’s wrestling world.

[Image via WWE]