Jill Duggar Accused Of Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant [Photo]

Jill Duggar is the latest 19 Kids and Counting star causing controversy, but fans probably shouldn’t be too quick to judge the mom-to-be.

On February 14, Jill’s husband shared an Instagram photo that was supposed to be sweet — it featured a Valentine’s Day tray of treats like Lifesavers Gummies and Hershey’s Kisses. The tray included a candle for romantic lighting and a framed photo of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. Derick’s bedroom photo also featured a Bible opened to the “The Song of Solomon,” which is definitely the raciest book of the Bible. However, 19 Kids and Counting fans weren’t shocked that Jill and Derick were spending their Valentine’s Day in bed reading a pretty pornographic poem that contains references to oral sex and descriptions of breasts — they were concerned about the champagne glasses in Dillard’s photo.

Jill Duggar Wine Glasses

“The bible next to a bottle of wine??? What!!!!!” one of Dillard’s followers wrote.

The glasses in the photo soon sparked an intense argument about the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant. However, Jill Duggar isn’t potentially putting Baby Dilly at risk by drinking alcohol — that’s clearly a bottle of harmless apple cider sitting next to the glasses.

Even if Jill Duggar wasn’t pregnant, she wouldn’t be drinking wine. According to Cosmopolitan, alcohol is a forbidden indulgence in the Duggar household. Jill would never intentionally drink booze, but she has admitted to accidentally sipping on a few alcoholic beverages.

“We’re really heavily involved in politics, and sometimes it’s one of those fancy, ritzy events and they serve you what you think is punch and it’s not,” she said. “You’re like, ‘Oops, yeah, that wasn’t punch. That was champagne or something.'”

Whenever this happens, Jill says that she tries to “be graceful about” spitting it out.

The Duggars might not drink alcohol, but they’re allowed to enjoy a different addictive substance — there’s no family rule against getting caffeinated. According to the Daily Mail, Jill Duggar asked her friends and family members to help her feed her caffeine craving by including Dr. Pepper on her Walmart baby registry. However, there was no sign of a “soda stockpile” in the baby shower photos that Jill recently shared.

During an interview with People, Jill explained why Dr. Pepper is an appropriate baby shower gift.

“Derick said we should put Dr. Pepper on there, because if you have late nights, you have to have caffeine.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Baby Dilly is expected to arrive in late March. Jill Duggar’s pregnancy will be a big storyline on the upcoming season of 19 Kids and Counting, which premieres February 17 on TLC.

[Image credits: Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar/Instagram]

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