Blue Ivy Selfie With Mom Beyoncé: Is Blue Ivy The New Little Drummer Girl?

The Blue Ivy selfie from Valentine’s Day popped up on mom Beyoncé’s Instagram feed yesterday, and according to Essence, both mom and daughter went au naturel for the playfully personal photo shoot.

Any Blue Ivy Carter selfie is going to be adorable no matter what. She proved that when the 3-year-old little princess popped up with mom Beyoncé Knowles, 33, on her Instagram feed sporting a cute little duckface and a bunch of little bees.

The message that came with the selfie was straight to the point, just as you would expect from a Queen Bee and Princess Bee-in-training.

Punctuated with little kisses and bee emoji’s, it said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Blue Ivy Selfie With Beyonce Instagram photo

According to Essense, “The “beyhive” nearly went crazy when Beyoncé and Blue shared an Instagram moment that was sweeter than honey.”

Instantly well received, the Blue Ivy selfie with mom Beyoncé received 1.6 million likes, almost 30,000 comments, and innumerable shares in the less than 24 hours since Beyoncé posted the photo to Instagram.

Sure to be voted best selfie of Valentine’s Day, and quite possibly best selfie of all time, the photo of the two blowing kisses at the camera received a never-ending stream of “awwww” and “oh so cute!” sentiments.

Blue Ivy is not new to mom Beyoncé and dad Jay Z’s world of fame and paparazzi. In true princess fashion, Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest person to hit the top of the Billboard charts, according to Billboard. Her hours-old cry was heard on dad Jay Z’s song titled, “Glory,” though Jay Z officially billed it “Glory featuring B.I.C.,” where the initials are for Blue’s name.

Destined to follow in mom’s famed footsteps, Blue Ivy was recently spotted at the Grammy’s playing the drums before the show, according to Vulture. Roots’ drummer, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, in an interview with Vulture, spoke to the magazine about seeing Blue Ivy and her new found musical talents.

“‘I got to see Madonna doing yoga backstage; I got to see Blue Ivy play the drums during rehearsal,’ Quest said nonchalantly.”

When Vulture asked QuestLove, who is also known as bandleader for Jimmy Fallon, whether Blue Ivy was any good, whether she “had any rhythm yet,” he replied, “She’s 3,” and added, “Most definitely yes.”

Given her previous creds, and that Blue is the daughter of two individuals who Billboard called the “reigning king and queen of R&B/hip-hop,” it should come as no surprise that the “B.I.C.” is so well-versed musically.

With parents around to show her the ropes – parents as musically talented and loving as Beyoncé and Jay Z are – Blue Ivy’s already impressive creds will likely get much longer well before she takes over the Beyhive.

Even though she just turned three on January 7, Blue is definitely the up and coming Queen Bee, and she has the now famous “Blue Ivy selfie with mom Beyoncé” immortalized on Instagram to prove it.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images and Photo by Beyoncé via Instagram]