Hookers For Jesus: Former Prostitute Says Jesus Christ Is The Ultimate Fantasy [Video]

For most of her life, Annie Lobert, founder of Hookers for Jesus, worked the streets and strip clubs, selling her body and looking for her knight in shining armor. The former stripper and prostitute thought that she would eventually find her savior on the streets and in filthy hotel rooms by trading sex for money, and in a way, she did.

Lobert explained that before finding Jesus Christ, she fantasized about her prince rescuing her from her abusive, alcoholic father. She describes how her misplaced fantasy led her to dangerous places.

Lobert became obsessed with sex at an early age, and eventually discovered that she could make a lot of money and get revenge on her father if she sold herself. Sometime after, while working a nightclub, she thought she met her prince — he turned out to be a pimp who manipulated and beat her and turned her into his personal prostitute.

“Pimps are really good at manipulating, exploiting the needs of someone that is desperate for love,”

Annie Lobart says her life was fueled by drugs, sex, and her abusive pimp. She was raped multiple times, overdosed on drugs, and arrested 25 times before finding Jesus in a moment of clarity.

Lobart says in her upcoming book that “I had a vision of my funeral,” after which she gave her life to Jesus Christ, saying, “Jesus, help me please, give me another chance. Please forgive me for all that I have done. I don’t want to die. I promise if you save me I will quit everything.”

After giving herself to Christ, her life began to transform dramatically, and she realized that she was looking for her savior in all of the wrong places.

“My prince was Jesus Christ. I said that in the book, it was Jesus Christ, that was my knight in shining armor and I didn’t know it.”

Lobert says that too many women are looking for love in all the wrong places and that Jesus Christ is the ultimate woman’s fantasy, but not in the way they think.

She explained, “What us women need to understand [is] if a man can’t do what you ideally think he should do, [it is because] God is the only one who can do that for you.”

“Jesus Christ is the only one who can ultimately be your ultimate romantic interest and I’m not talking about sexually. I’m talking about that intimate love bond that we have that heals all wounds, that heals all insecurities, that heals all the things that we think our husbands should do and be.”

Since finding Jesus and transforming herself, she reconciled with her father, married Christian rocker Oz Fox, and began a ministry for sex workers where she helps women like herself find salvation away from the dangerous world of drugs, pimps, and prostitution.

Fallen, Annie Lobart’s book about finding Jesus Christ and her personal journey of salvation, will be in stores February 17.