Vin Diesel Serenades Facebook Fans On Valentine’s Day [Video]

Tough guy Vin Diesel showed his romantic side Saturday as he posted a video of himself singing the Maroon 5 song “My Heart is Open” on his Facebook page as his contribution to Valentine’s Day.

His regular, off-screen connections with his fans have made him popular and this popularity is sure to continue, as he sings the romantic song karaoke style, clad in a white undershirt, looking very sexy and singing totally without any inhibitions.

Okay, as Entertainment Weekly noted, the 47-year-old actor can’t exactly hit the high notes like Maroon 5. That gruff strongman voice doesn’t quite allow for that. But who cares? Although on Twitter, there are sure to be critics.

He has been doing a regular Valentine’s Day song for his fans since 2013, when he shared the first video of him singing “Stay” by Rihanna, included here.

What is really interesting about his musical videos is that even though he can’t sing the songs quite like the original singer, he actually makes the versions done by the artists themselves more popular. His videos get millions of views, and many have commented that after hearing him sing, they went off to purchase the original song online.

As Fansshare noted, it probably doesn’t hurt that the Guardians of the Galaxy star keeps himself in the sights of his fans too. Vin Diesel is probably best known for the Fast and Furious franchise of films and his highly anticipated new movie, Furious 7, is due for release this year. By adding more fans on Facebook and elsewhere, this will no doubt add more people to the queues for tickets once the film is released.

However, the way he opens up to his fans on a regular basis is not all about self-promotion, of course. He enjoys being open with people, and fans admit they can really relate to him because of this, as can be seen on the social media.

For anyone who enjoys listening to Vin sing, he doesn’t just do it on Valentine’s Day. Here is his version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” that he blasted out at the Guardians of the Galaxy junket. And, yes, he does have a problem with those darn high notes!

With the latest Valentine’s Day treat, Vin ended up by saying, “Happy V Day everybody.”

For the less romantic, the Inquisitr has published a list of the not quite so romantic love quotes, just for Valentine’s Day.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]