‘iCarly’ Star Miranda Cosgrove Lands Role On New NBC Pilot

Miranda Cosgrove is best known to pre-teens and teens the world over as “iCarly” thanks to Miranda Cosgrove’s long running and much loved Nickelodeon show. It’s possible Miranda Cosgrove might be recognized by some as an actor who got her start as one of the kid stars in Jack Black’s School of Rock. It appears the actress is finally ready to shed her child star label as she has landed a role in a brand new NBC pilot.

According to the New York Post, Miranda Cosgrove will play one of the two adult daughters who moves back in with their “empty nester” parents. The former iCarly star will play the younger of the two daughters, Shea. Miranda Cosgrove’s character is reportedly a socially awkward woman who has a doctorate in astrophysics, but hasn’t yet realized her dreams of becoming an astronaut.

So far, it appears Miranda Cosgrove is one of the only actresses who has been cast for the series. Not much is known about who will play the parents in the still-untitled show, and the older sister role also remains unfilled. One of the reasons Miranda Cosgrove was able to have so much success in iCarly is she looks quite a bit younger than she is. Now 21, the actress has had problems landing acting jobs since the Nickelodeon show went off the air.

The actress had landed another role in an NBC pilot titled Girlfriend in a Coma but that show was not picked up for series. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the television star being cast in a role like this is it might give her a chance to show her acting chops. While she might have been older than her character in iCarly, she was certainly believable as a young high school student. In School of Rock, she was indeed grammar school aged and therefore well fit for that role. Can she pull off someone who is an actual rocket scientist? Perhaps the socially awkward character will allow her to mask any deficiencies she has starting out in a role like this.

Miranda Cosgrove has had to bounce back from some tough issues outside of the casting sessions as well. In October, the young actress gave an interview where she talked about a serious car accident in which she and her mother were involved. Miranda Cosgrove says she was left disfigured and disabled though apparently she’s managed to get past that incident.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]