‘Until Dawn’ Says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ With Murder And Mayhem In New Trailer

Until Dawn developers decided to wish everyone a “Happy Valentine’s Day” by rolling out a brand new trailer. This new Until Dawn trailer, officially titled “Roses are (blood) Red” sheds a little more light into the goings on that players will have to survive in the game.

For those who aren’t already aware, Until Dawn is an upcoming survival horror game that is set up to look an awful lot like a survival horror movie. While there isn’t a ton known about how exactly it’s done, the plot is that there are eight twenty-somethings holed up in a secluded cabin for a nice romantic weekend. As is the case with most of these kinds of stories, their romantic getaway has been interrupted by a murderous madman. Now, you and apparently Hayden Panetierre need to not only survive but help everyone else last until dawn.

The new trailer doesn’t actually a ton of new details on how exactly you are supposed to live through the night in Until Dawn, though it does give us a slightly longer glimpse at the characters that exist inside of Until Dawn. It seems pretty obvious, especially when talking about Until Dawn, that the point of all of these videos is to build up the suspense without showing much of the actual game. In that regard, the marketing for the title is right on point. When talking about a game that relies heavily on running and hiding, you don’t want players to have a good idea of the best way to do that before they get their hands on the game.

The purpose of this particular video is obviously to bring a little more attention to Until Dawn while also poking fun at the drummed up romance that usually surrounds Valentine’s Day. Even the background music for the teaser is supposed to be more ironic than anything, considering the ultra-romantic “Stormy Weather” is the backdrop. The trailer starts off with various characters arriving at the cabin, intercut with scenes where members of the group are found in dangerous situations.

While the game has been getting quite a bit more hype in the last few months, there still isn’t an official release date. It seems as if this game will be hitting store shelves by the end of this year, but nothing is known beyond that. It would seem as though this kind of game has the perfect release date. Until Dawn should be held until October 27, but we’ll see if Sony agrees.