Sexless Marriage: Couple Admits Going Four Years With No Sex, Helped By ‘Sex Box’ TV Show

As reported by the Inquisitr, Sex Box is a new WEtv show that features couples having sex on TV, but not out in the open. Sex Box uses a private box to help facilitate the process, but more than that, it features couples talking about the problems in their love lives that led them to a sexless state in the first place.

As far as Anita and Alton were concerned, their busy lives as the parents of four children drove the high school sweethearts into a sexless existence that lasted four long years, which definitely put the couple into the “sexless marriage” category — because that’s defined as a union whereby a couple has sex fewer than 10 times each year. After going on Sex Box, the coupled agreed to try having sex every day for 30 days, which was Alton’s idea. Anita said she wasn’t sure that they’d keep up that rabbit-level of a pace, but that it was a good change from the days they went to bed with no sex.

Google states that sexless marriages are one of their top marital problem searches, with thousands of queries coming into the search engine giant about the topic each month. The ABC News report about the sexless marriage garnered a good amount of social shares, proving there’s an interest in the topic.

Instead of talking about the underlying issues of the sexless marriage, some people try and take the naughty way out, and visit adultery websites designed to help folks cheat on their mates. However, Anita and Alton found a cure in being able to talk about their needs, as Anita expressed wanting to feel like a virgin again in terms of their lovemaking approach, while Alton expressed that the foreplay situation goes both ways. Although the couple is still deeply in love, they hadn’t made their marriage a priority and let the excitement and planning slip by the wayside in place of taking their kids to sports practices and working. Once they made that change and talked about their needs, their sexless marriage was no longer sexless.

[Image via ABC News/Nightline]