Jamie Dornan Diet, ‘Iron Fit’ Workout Routine In Full Focus As ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Breaks The Box Office

The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie could make as much as $158 million during the worldwide Valentine’s Weekend, as reported by the Inquisitr, which means plenty of eyeballs will get to check out the amazing pecs and arms of leading man Jamie Dornan, and immediately begin Googling the Jamie Dornan diet and workout routines. As such, this reporter has scoured the net to find all of the Dornan workout tips one could find to figure out how Jamie got his super-defined muscles, and what Dornan’s eating habits entail.

First off, Jamie told Vanity Fair that he didn’t plan to bulk up crazily, and that Dornan already took good care of himself before his role in the runaway hit.

“I take decent enough care of myself anyway, so obviously I’m gonna up it slightly with training, but we don’t have any intention to really bulk up. I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

So how exactly did Dornan get those super strong arms? Well, a gander through YouTube videos marked “Iron Fit” show some pretty standard CrossFit type of strength-training, heavy lifting and other fun stuff. Not a bad routine for Dorman, who admitted he has asthma in an #AskJamieDornan Twitter post. But as most fitness freaks know, getting as fit as Jamie is usually a matter of what one eats, generally more so than their exercise routine. Oddly, Dornan’s diet doesn’t seem like your typical protein-heavy, low-sugar fare.

Dornan admitted to the Guardian that he’s naturally hyper, and doesn’t need to monitor his diet closely, sounding like one of those naturally gifted people with a blessed metabolism. Jamie orders spatchcocked chicken and regular — not diet — Cokes. Dornan even said he indulges in beer, and drinks wine nearly every night.

“[I eat] any old crap. I could eat 10 packs of Hula Hoops a day and not think about it.”

Jamie tweeted he liked coffee in the day, and tea in the afternoon. Dornan thinks chocolate-covered strawberries are very good and feasted on sushi while filming in Vancouver. Dornan loves “basic” cheesecake, tequila and burgers in New York. So basically, it sounds like the man is a god who can almost eat what he wants and remain in great shape.

On his Twitter account @JamieDornan, Dornan did once rail against chefs.

“I’ve had enough of fat flakey skinned chefs telling us how to ‘eat healthy!'”

Outside of the fact that Dornan told Men’s Health that he drinks lots of water, stays really active with skiing so that he “earns” his pint of beer, and does push-ups compulsively, the only other Dornan diet and workout tips that can be found state that Jamie also likes to swim because of its calorie-burning and non-impact effect. While Dakota Johnson spoke about working out with Jamie and changing her diet, Jamie discussed being a skinny kid that didn’t like his body. Go figure.

[Image via Jamie Dornan Twitter]