Cheating With Rihanna? Jay Z And Beyonce Groove At Prince’s Bash

Lately, there has been a lot of discontent noted between Jay Z and Beyoncé, but could the tides be turning? Recent photos from a secret concert that Prince played in NYC the day before Valentine’s Day seem to prove the couple is on the mend. For example, there have been recent rumors that Jay Z is cheating on Beyoncé with Rihanna, but the day before Valentine’s Day, the couple appeared happy at Prince’s last-minute party.

People Magazine chronicled the secret Prince concert and stated Jay Z and Beyoncé were in attendance to celebrate the Michael Jordan brand’s 30th anniversary. The event took place at 23 Wall Street, and Jay Z and Beyoncé were allegedly dancing together at the show. Prince’s band asked A-listers that attended to get on stage to dance as the band performed classics from Prince like “Purple Rain” and “1999” People Magazine also noted that other celebrities like Queen Latifah, Chris Rock, Questlove and Michael Jordan were dancing on stage along with Jay Z and Beyoncé.

According to a US Magazine insider, “Beyonce and Jay Z were rocking out! Dancing like crazy. Very cute for Valentine’s Day.” Still worried that Jay Z is cheating with Rihanna? The US Magazine article about Prince’s secret concert says, “The couple especially got intimate, appropriately enough, while Prince performed his sexy 1986 classic ‘Kiss.’ The source adds that they also chatted with Jordan for some time.”

Unfortunately, the rumors surrounding the idea that Jay Z is cheating with Rihanna only seem to be getting worse — despite evidence that points to the opposite. Throughout 2014, there were multiple accusations that Jay Z was getting too close with Rihanna, but People Magazine says that he renewed his marriage vows with Beyonce in France in October, 2014.

But will the renewed vows stick between Jay Z and Beyoncé? It turns out that two days before the Prince secret concert in NYC, Jay Z and Beyoncé were at a West Hollywood dinner and the two go into fight. The premise of that fight? It turns out, according to OK! Magazine, that Jay Z was texting Rihanna and it made Beyoncé mad. An insider for OK! Magazine says, “Beyoncé wants Rihanna out of the picture and away from her husband. Beyoncé’s always viewed her as a threat and has had a nagging suspicion there’s more to their relationship.”

It also appears that Beyoncé has had a few other types of gripes for her husband Jay Z about the company he keeps. The day before the secret Prince concert, Jay Z and Beyoncé were at a New York Fashion Week show for Adidas. Beyoncé was sitting together with Kayne, Kim Kardashian, and baby North West. This comes as a shock to some since The New York Daily News reported insider information that Beyoncé recently complained to Jay Z about being seen in public with Kardashian and West.

The New York Daily News states that Beyoncé thinks Kanye West is Jay Z’s “volatile pal,” and that West “is a threat to the couple’s carefully crafted image.” Beyoncé also allegedly pointed to West’s behavior at the Grammys as proof for her suspicions that West is a liability that Jay Z should ignore. According to The New York Daily News‘ inside source, the fact that Jay Z’s buddy, Kanye, told everyone that Beck’s award should have gone to Beyoncé only added fuel to her fire.

[All images used with permission by James Devaney/FilmMagic.]