‘Big Bang Theory’ Producers Admit: ‘Even We Don’t Know Where [The Characters] Are Headed’

Fans of The Big Bang Theory are dying to know what’s next for their favorite characters Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Raj and Howard. But unbeknownst to them, Big Bang Theory executive producers Scott Molaro and Bill Prady freely admit, even they have no clue where the show is headed next.

Molaro teased as much in a recent interview with ET Online where he discussed upcoming story lines.

“Everyone is moving forward in some way, but even we don’t know exactly where they’re headed until it happens.”

Molaro did offer some insight into some of the show’s most romantic moments however, including the big “I Love You Too” moment that occurred during November’s episode “The Prom Equivalency.” In it, Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, shocked audiences with his candid “I love you too” comment made to his girlfriend Amy, played by Mayim Bialik.

“I cried,” Molaro said of the moment. “I get very emotional with these scenes. I think what in particular touches me about that scene is as amazing and wonderful Sheldon actually is before he admits it, it’s how nervous Amy is trying to get herself to say the words.”

Scott continued, “When she’s in that moment of, ‘You don’t have to say it back, and I don’t want you to feel any pressure,’ I’m so there with her, and that’s where I start to get choked up. Then he says it first and their first ‘I love you’ is actually ‘I love you too.'”

However impactful that scene may have played out for the audience, fellow EP Bill Prady wants to assure fans that behind the scenes, The Big Bang Theory writers are never trying to force moments like that into the episode just for shock value.

“These things always come out organically,” Prady said about the romantic gestures on the show. “I think that one of the things that makes The Big Bang Theory couples work is that, from a writing point of view, it’s not written with the result first.”

Prady continued, “They sneak up on us as we write. It always starts from here’s something that’s going on in our characters’ lives, and how would that effect the characters. And from that, how would that affect their relationships?”

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

One upcoming event that will impact the characters’ lives is the reopening of the comic book store that burned down in the Season 7 finale of The Big Bang Theory and a cameo from Firefly alum Nathan Fillion. Both events will take place in the February 19 episode titled “The Comic Book Store Regeneration.”

According to the International Business Times Nathan will play himself in the episode as Raj and Leonard debate whether it’s really him and if they should ask him for a picture.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode will also pay tribute to actress Carol Ann Susi who passed away in November after battling cancer. Susi’s Big Bang Theory character, Mrs. Wolowitz, will meet her end during the show.