WWE News: Huge WWE Legends Set To Round Out The Rest Of The 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame Class

The 2015 WWE Hall of Fame class is already looking great with big names such as Randy Savage and Arnold Schwarzenegger. WWE has been attempting to get Savage for some time, but were finally able to come to terms with the Poffo family to induct him alone into the Hall.

However, it didn’t stop with an action hero and WWE legend, as Rikishi was announced last week. While Rikishi was not the biggest star in his time, he was very popular in his day. So it makes a lot of sense to see him go in.

Now two more legends are rumored to be heading into the Hall. According to PWInsider, former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash and Ivan Koloff are both set go in this year. They might be the final two, in fact, unless WWE decides to put in The Undertaker and/or Sting. Most believe that they will go in next year, however.

Nash makes a lot of sense to go in. He was a big star for WWE for years in his run as Diesel with WWE. He left the WWE and went to WCW, where he became a huge star once again, but under his real name. He along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan aligned to take over WCW to form the NWO. To this day, the faction is known as one of the top groups of all time.

The original group was only three men, but this quickly changed as it seemed everyone was part of the group. Eventually, it changed back to the normal group, but it was not without controversy. Nash beat Goldberg to end his streak and take the World Heavyweight Championship from him. He then was poked to lose the World Heavyweight Title to Hulk Hogan when the old trio formed again.

When he came back to WWE, Nash was under the Vince microscope and was able to perform well for a short period of time. Injuries halted during his final run with the company. Since he left WWE, Nash has been in movies off and on from The Longest Yard to most recently Magic Mike.

Ivan Koloff

Ivan Koloff was a completely different kind of guy. Known as a territorial wrestler, The Russian Bear, as he came to be called, was one of the top men of his day. He ended up winning the WWWF World Championship once and was a big NWA fixture for some time. He actually beat Bruno Sammartino to win his only World Title under the now WWE banner.

Despite being from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Koloff was billed as various types of characters from a Russian to Irishman. However, he was never a known Frenchman character as most would expect him to be coming out of Montreal. He was never really known as a major television name around the United States. However, he was an excellent territorial wrestler who won just about everywhere he went.

Since leaving the pro-wrestling world, he found Christ and has become an ordained minister. He often travels to churches to share his testimony.

The 2015 WWE Hall of Fame would be much bigger with both men going in, so we can expect them to be announced soon. Nash has been discussed for years while Ivan’s name hasn’t been floated around for the Hall until this year. Another name to keep an eye out for is Ray “The Crippler” Stevens, another top territorial name. It is unlikely he will go in with Ivan, but WWE could very well have two top territorial stars go in together.

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