‘Ufogel’ In Austria Isn’t Only An Amazing Tiny House Retreat, But Has Little Impact On Nature

In the last five to six years, people around the world have shifted their idea on what an ideal house should be. Spurned by nightmares of broken dreams caused by the housing market bubble popping, these people are far more finicky, opting for necessity, sometimes at the expense of luxury.

The Inquisitr reported that London residents are choosing to live a harder life in canal boats over renting apartments because it is far cheaper to do so.

However, there are companies that see the trend to downsize housing as the future. The Tumbleweed Housing Company, for example, build beautiful houses that fit on trailers. But does the trend have to be regulated to a person’s living situation? Apparently not, as a tiny house in Austria was built to be a beautiful retreat for vacationers. Not only that, it is designed to have little impact on nature.

According to Humble Homes and followed-up by Tiny House Living, the tiny house, located in East Tyrol, Austria, was designed by Peter Jungmann. Because of its unique design, it has been given the playful name of a “Ufogel,” a hodgepodge moniker made from the words “UFO” and “Vogel,” which means “bird” in German. Most people who’ve seen the Ufogel admit it uniquely stands out in its design but wonder if it is worthy of luxury vacationing, given the fact it is only about 45 square meters. They will surely be surprised to find out it is a functional home. It utilizes the volume of its space and it is fully-furnished.

Real Farmacy has provided numerous pictures of the Ufogel’s interior, which includes bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces. With each picture they show, there is an explanation on how it utilizes its construction in which nature has little impact. A sampling of said pictures are provided in the following gallery.

It is surely amazing to see how a small house can make such a statement on both luxury living and environmentalism. However, the most beautiful provision the Ufogel has isn’t even in the house, but what vacationers can observe just outside its windows. Tyrol, Austria, is a vacation spot known for its magnificent greenery and snow-capped mountains. It is especially beautiful during the winter season when the landscape is blanketed with a beautiful sheet of fluffy snow.

Ufogel View Of Austria

Now that you’ve read about the Ufogel, a little treasure of a house hidden in Austria, what are your views? Would you find such a place and location a worthwhile getaway for a vacation for you and your family?

[Images via Real Farmacy/Ufogel Promotion]