Kate Upton Bares All In Daring New ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Photo — Does She Compare To Screen Icon?

Kate Upton, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who last year won People Magazine‘s first-ever “Sexiest Woman Alive” honorific, has posed for what may be her most daring photograph so far. The curvaceous 22-year-old model has made her living with revealing bikini shots that highlight her ample bustline, but her new pic shows Upton doing something she once said she would never do.

In the new photo at this link, Kate Upton poses nude.

Of course, while unauthorized, private nude photos of Upton appeared on the internet last year as part of massive cyber-theft of celebrity cell phone nudes, the Game Of War video game spokesmodel has never actually posed fully nude in a fashion shoot.

In the latest photo, posted to Instagram by photographer Sebastian Faena, Kate Upton does not appear to be modeling any fashions, or even skimpy bikins. But she does keep the shot in the PG-13 range by strategically covering herself with her forearm.

The shot appears to be recalling a famous sequence of photos taken in 1962 by photographer Bert Stern and known as The Last Sitting — because the photos, many of them nude, were Monroe’s final photo shoot before her premature death on August 5 of that same year, at age 36.

Monroe, of course, was 14 years older when the photos were taken — and when she passed away — than Kate Upton is today.

But Upton is actually almost a year older than Lindsay Lohan was in 2008, when the already-troubled actress herself recreated the Last Sitting photo shoot, even donning a platinum blonde wig to look more like the 1950s silver screen sex symbol.

Lohan’s photo session, however, was shot by Stern himself, 46 years after he photographed Marilyn Monroe. But Stern died at age 83 in 2013, meaning that Kate Upton will never have the chance to recreate the Marilyn Monroe shoot with its original photographer, as Lindsay Lohan did.

Kate Upton, however, bears a much closer natural resemblance to the legendary Marilyn Monroe than Lohan ever has, prompting the E! Online site to look at the new Upton photo and remark that Upton is “a dead ringer for the iconic star!”

According to Faena’s Instagram post, the nude shot of Kate Upton was taken “at home, brushing her hair.”

“Um, just hair brushing?” E! Online responded. “Yeah right.”

Kate Upton recently posted her own Instagram photo, above, showing her on vacation at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom with current flame Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers star pitcher.

[Top Image: Donald Bowers/Getty Images, Interior Image 1: Sebastian Faena Instagram, Interior Image 2: Kate Upton Instagram]