WWE News: Details On Sheamus’ Return — When Will He Be Back?

WWE aired a Sheamus return promo this past Monday on RAW, and while WWE didn’t give an exact date for Sheamus’ WWE return, may people are assuming that he’ll return either at next Sunday’s Fast Lane or on the RAW after Fast Lane. Also, the belief is that Sheamus will be returning to WWE as a heel.

So, who will Sheamus be working with upon his return? Well, there have been rumors about a feud with Daniel Bryan leading into WrestleMania, as WWE badly wanted to do that match last year before they were forced to put Bryan in the main event. If the two of them end up having a match at this year’s WrestleMania, it’ll be the fourth time in five years that WWE has originally scheduled the two of them to face off at the event.

Back at WrestleMania 27, Bryan and Sheamus faced off for the United States Championship in the pre-show dark match. At WrestleMania 28, Sheamus defeated Bryan in just 18 seconds in their match for the World Heavyweight Championship. As previously mentioned, WWE wanted to have Sheamus wrestle Bryan at last year’s WrestleMania 30 before they were forced to change their plans.

Who else is out there for Sheamus to feud with? Well, Dolph Ziggler is available. Ziggler wants to have a match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, but, as of right now, the plan is to have Bryan in the main event. So that leaves Ziggler without an opponent. Also, WWE wants to have Sheamus look good in his return as a heel, and Ziggler will definitely make Sheamus look good.

Why is the plan to have Sheamus return as a heel? Well, WWE wants to freshen up his character, as they feel it’s been stale for several years now. Plus they feel like they’re lacking main event caliber heels, and Sheamus would definitely be a main event caliber heel.

There has been talk of doing a Sheamus vs. Brock Lesnar match if Lesnar decides to stick around after WrestleMania, but if Sheamus returns as a heel, Lesnar would have to turn babyface at some point, which most people figure he’ll be doing if he decides re-sign with WWE.

WWE is planning on having Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Undertaker return within the next couple of weeks, and expect Sheamus to be the first of the three to return. Both Orton and Undertaker will likely return early next month while Sheamus will likely return immediately following next Sunday’s Fast Lane.

[Image via WWE]