‘Family Feud’ Contestant’s ‘Gerbil’ Answer Linked To Actor Richard Gere? [Video]

One Family Feud contestant may never live down her bizarre answer to a seemingly innocuous question.

“Name something a doctor might pull out of a person.”

If you gave answers like tumor, organ, or baby, no one would be surprised. But this answer by Darci was rather surprising.

“A gerbil!”

Poor Darci swears that she has no idea where on Earth the gerbil answer came from. However, it’s possible that the embarrassed Family Feud contestant’s subconscious mind played a cruel, ill-timed trick on her.

You see, the reason the “gerbil” answer is hilarious to some onlookers isn’t because of the random nature of the answer.

In fact, the Family Feud answer seemed oddly specific if you’re familiar with an actor named Richard Gere.

Although not the A-lister he used to be, Richard Gere will long be remembered for a strange urban legend attached to him.

According to the persistent rumor, Gere was taken to a hospital emergency room because a foreign object was lodged in his rectum that he was unable to remove on his own.

X-Rays allegedly showed doctors that the trapped item was, in fact, a gerbil, which they immediately rushed to remove.

Richard has repeatedly denied the rumor, and the average person probably knows it isn’t true.

However, the story was so odd and darkly hilarious that the story stuck around. No doubt to Gere’s chagrin.

The actor got no help from Darci. Her suggestion on Family Feud about doctors and gerbils made almost everyone recall Richard Gere.

If you’re still wondering whether or not the gerbil story is true, Snopes claims that it’s false.

“Contrary to widespread public belief, “gerbil-stuffing” is unknown as an actual sexual practice, nor are we aware of a verified medical case of a gerbil having been extracted from a patient’s rectum. Despite the assiduousness with which doctors record unusual items removed from patients’ rectums in order to write them up as illustrative cases, we haven’t yet found a medical journal article involving a gerbil removal.”

Also, if Richard Gere or any other individual experienced something of this nature, it’s hard to believe it wouldn’t have been national news at some point.

Despite the lack of authenticity attached to the “gerbil story,” we can at least be glad it lingered long enough in pop culture to result in a hysterically funny answer on Family Feud. Unless, that is, Darci somehow never heard the one about Richard Gere and the gerbil. If that happens to be true, Darci’s Family Feud answer might become even MORE hilarious in retrospect.

What is a ridiculous answer you remember someone giving on an episode of Family Feud? Did “gerbil” surpass it?

[Image Credit: Family Feud]