‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Jeremy’s Goodbye Twist, Damon’s Eulogy And Steroline’s Relationship

The latest Vampire Diaries episode was a big one. One person left town, a few open cases were closed, two people finally kissed, one person got hit by a car, and one person died.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, “Stay” was Steven R. McQueen’s final Vampire Diaries episode and featured a major moment for Stefan and Caroline. Jeremy left town, but not for art school like he had said he was. Sheriff Forbes sought to close a few open cases before saying goodbye to the job, and with Damon’s help, she did (and not just the ones for which he was responsible) before dying. Last but not least, Stefan and Caroline shared a few moments like they have been lately, but this time, they kissed.

When it was announced that McQueen would be leaving, the story was that Jeremy was going to art school. A couple of compulsions later and he was in art school and had graduated from high school. However, that’s just a cover story. He’s really off being a vampire hunter, not an art student, but at least he got out of Mystic Falls. He’s also still alive, and executive producer Caroline Dries addressed the fact that he didn’t die in TV Guide’s postmortem.

“Jeremy has died a few times, so we really wanted it to feel special, but official too and like we mean it this time. [It was] grown-up closure. That’s why we felt like it was right for him to become a man and say, ‘I’m ready.'”

As for why he didn’t really go to art school, The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec pointed out that having a normal life after what they’ve been through probably isn’t in the cards for these characters.

“The biggest point we wanted to make is that when you come out of Mystic Falls, there is no such ting as a normal [life]. As Elena said, ‘Maybe smoking a joint with my brother is the most normal thing I’ve ever done.’ Jeremy was someone who went through so much and needed a purpose, and Elena believed it was get out and go to art school and be normal, but Jeremy’s secret is, ‘I’m forever changed but I’m going to use this change for the powers of good.’ Of course, Elena would never go for it because she’s trying to be the protective big sister but Alaric gets it.”

In Entertainment Weekly’s postmortem, Plec did say that “anything is a possibility” when it comes to Jeremy maybe visiting The Originals, but it doesn’t sound like anyone should be expecting a Jeremy the Vampire Hunter spin-off anytime soon.

As for Sheriff Forbes’ death, don’t expect to see a new sheriff anytime soon, according to Plec.

“The seat’s going to remain vacant for a little while, but I think that it’s an answer that will come in season seven. But her death definitely puts a lot of people on some new paths to decide who they want to be and what kind of person they want to be and what they want with their lives.”

Before Liz died, Damon admitted that he was supposed to write his mother’s eulogy but then didn’t even go to her funeral. Liz then offered him a second chance by writing her eulogy, and Plec said that he’ll be struggling with that in next week’s Vampire Diaries episode.

“When all is said and done, Liz was sort of like a surrogate mother and a best friend to him. A lot of what we talk about in the next episode is how he has been tasked with the burden of writing a eulogy. He’s got a line where he’s like, ‘This is ridiculous, this is making me have to be a nice person and I’m not a nice person. I don’t want to be a nice person.’ … So he’s struggling with hero Damon as always, that he wants to do right by his friend, he wants to fix a mistake that he made in his past in regards to his mother, but it’s putting him outside his comfort zone in a way that is really messing with his head.”

Meanwhile, Caroline had been trying to make things perfect for her mother at the cabin, which ended up meaning that she didn’t get to spend the day with her. Dries revealed that the original concept for this episode was a bit different.

“The original idea of the episode was, Caroline creates the perfect day with her mom. But then there was no conflict in [that] story. We wanted it to feel like it was a real death, so I think if Caroline were to have a talking conversation with the sheriff and then she were to die like 30 seconds later, it wouldn’t feel like a real death.”

Instead, Stefan told Caroline that she could live in her memories, and with that, Caroline learning how to ride a bike became more than just a conversation. In fact, there’s going to be more of Caroline as a kid with her mother in next week’s Vampire Diaries episode, as you can see in the “Let Her Go” promo below.

Finally, when it comes to Steroline’s relationship, Stefan and Caroline may have kissed, but it’s not going to be smooth sailing. Plec teased that they do have a certain conversation that they have to have about what their relationship is about exactly.

“That’s the first conversation you have after your first kiss and right now something really dramatic has happened. The next episode is judging what, and when, and how that first conversation is going to go.”

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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