Ray Rice Offered $1M Contract, But With Strings Attached

Former NFL player Ray Rice was recently offered a $1 million contract for a new job. Even though it won’t put him back on the NFL playing field, it is at least related to the sport.

TMZ Sports reports that Ray Rice was offered a job as a spokesperson for a fantasy football website, ProDraftLeague.com. According to the report, the website wants him to become an official Pro Draft League Fantasy Insider.

Mark Tadros, the website’s CEO, reportedly spoke with TMZ about why Ray Rice was offered the opportunity.

“Mr. Rice has shown deep remorse for his act of domestic violence and I feel he deserves a second chance… It’s been one year since Mr. Rice physically assaulted his wife and we are very confident that he will not do it again.”

The one-year contract will pay Rice a base salary of $500,000 with another $500,000 available in bonuses that are based on membership milestones.

Although Tadros is willing to offer Ray Rice a “second chance,” TMZ further reports that the $1 million contract offer comes with quite a few strings attached.

One of the biggest highlights of those strings is that if he hits his wife, Ray will have to pay back a substantial amount of money.

“In the event that he does while being employed by Pro Draft League, his contract will be immediately terminated and the entire $500k must be returned PLUS an additional $500k in damages that our brand will incur for being associated with Mr. Rice.”

The requirement of paying back his salary plus damages if he hits his wife is not the only string that Ray Rice would have to deal with if he accepts the offer.

According to TMZ, there are several other obligations that would come with the territory, including:

  • one photo shoot
  • two TV commercials
  • two viral videos
  • a weekly column based on his personal analysis of NFL players
  • interviewing various NFL players as a field reporter
  • 30 media interviews

On Friday morning, Ray Rice issued an official statement apologizing to the city of Baltimore as well as fans of his former NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens.

“There is no excuse for domestic violence, and I apologize for the horrible mistake I made. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by raising awareness of this issue.”

According to TMZ, there has not been any report yet about whether or not Ray Rice has accepted the offer from Pro Draft League.

[Image Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images]