Going to Montana? Leave The Yoga Pants Behind

That’s right. Montana is cracking down on public indecency, and yoga pants are at the top of Rep. David Moore’s list, reports People magazine. The bill introduced by Moore in the House Judiciary Committee and labeled House Bill 365 endeavors to expand the state’s existing public indecency law and seeks to include “that expose the nipples or give the appearance or simulate a person’s buttocks, genitals, pelvic area or female nipple.”

No, the proposed bill doesn’t specifically mention yoga pants, but the indication is clear, and Moore, the man behind the bill, made no secret of his distaste for yoga pants in statements made to The Billings Gazette.

“Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,” Mr. Moore told reporters.

When asked what he expected of this law, should it be passed, he confessed that he would like to see arrests in cases where people were violating the public indecency laws. He added that it was all conjecture at this point, as the law hadn’t yet been passed, and enforcement would have to be determined by the community.

Fortunately for Montana fans of yoga pants, the House Judiciary Committee has unanimously decided to temporarily suspend discussion of House Bill 365, aligning themselves behind yoga pants supporters, at least for the present time.

Even so, news of the yoga pants issue has reached far beyond the borders of Montana, earning scorn from yoga pants wearing New Yorkers.

“If they outlaw yoga pants, I’ll have to walk around naked,” one New Yorker proudly professed.

“I think yoga pants are the new jeans,” one woman said. “Everyone’s wearing them.”

“Why would politicians even get involved in what we wear?” Sandy Goldfarb, a bicyclist, told CBS New York. “Don’t they have better things to do like balance the budget?”

Even in New York, not everyone thinks this idea is as ludicrous as it sounds. Common sense seems to be the key, when speaking of yoga pants in one woman’s opinion.

“I think if you have a cute little figure its good, but I think most of the people don’t.”

“As long as it’s done appropriately, where you’re covering all your bases – your backside probably the most important — I think, sure, you can wear yoga pants wherever you go,” said fitness fashion retailer Shannon Depew.

Whether you consider yourself a supporter of Mr. Moore’s addition to the indecent exposure law or you’re behind yoga pants wearers everywhere, it all seems to be a moot point. With the spotlight on Montana’s nipples and buttocks, there is little likelihood that House Bill 365 will be exposed to anymore public scrutiny.

One woman sharing David Moore’s opinion thinks leggings should be added to the list as well. Read about it on Inquisitr.