League Of Legends ‘Nemesis Draft’ Mode Launched

League of Legends developers have officially launched a brand new game mode that will allow players to pick their opponents in a “Nemesis Draft.”

Players will be able to choose what Champions they’d like to go up against in the League of Legends arena, but their opponents can do the same. This new mode will allow players to experience different ways of winning a match that they may not have thought of before. With your opponent choosing everything for you, it makes the player become more resourceful and creative with what characters they have had chosen for them.

That’s not all that players will encounter in League of Legends‘ new game mode, though, as the Champions players pick for their opponents determines your Champion pool, as well. What does that mean, exactly? You can pick your opponents worst players for them, but in the long run it will actually end up hurting you and your team, and that’s a great way to try and deter that kind of selection.

If you love the sound of that kind of game mode, log on to League of Legends‘ soon, because you only have until February 23 to try it out.

If you aren’t familiar with League of Legends, it’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA for short) where players assume the role of “Champions,” each with unique abilities. The game offers different game modes but some of the most popular include the goal of destroying your opponents nexus, a building that is the heart of a base surrounded by defensive structures.

League of Legends may not have been well received upon its release date back in October of 2009, but it has since seen great success, reaching a peak in July, 2012, when it became the most played PC game in North America and Europe when it came to hours logged in the game. In January, 2014, League of Legends hit 27 million players daily and would peak with about 7.5 million people playing at the same time.

That’s not to say they haven’t been without their fair share of controversy, especially recently. In early February, they overturned a controversial ruling that previously only allowed one member of the LGBTQ community to participate in League of Legends tournaments, citing that they “probably have an unfair advantage.” Garena has since apologized.

Yesterday, a German e-sports team called Meet Your Makers, who play in the Pro League of Legends, parted ways with their manager Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam. The incident involved Rotterdam threatening one of the players because he wanted to quit the squad.

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