Teenager Throws Fry At Woman, Woman Attacks Teenager, Teenager Nearly Cries After Realizing His Mistake [Video]

A teenager got more than he bargained for when he decided to antagonize a patron sitting near him in a local McDonald’s restaurant. During the course of their meal, the teenager and his friends were being loud and obnoxious. Women at a nearby table asked them to settle down and be more respectful. However, in response, one of the boys decided to toss a french fry at one of the women in retaliation. Unexpectedly, the woman’s friend stood from her seat, approached the boy that threw the chip, and confronted him until he was nearly crying. The entire incident was caught on a Vine video.

Kieran Taylor, the 17-year-old boy involved, thought it would be funny to antagonize the women at a nearby table at the McDonald’s restaurant. He calls himself a “wido,” according to the Mirror U.K. A wido is someone that purposely does something that is uncalled for, such as throwing fries at women. In his mind, throwing the fry was nothing more than an innocent prank. However, the women did not see it the same way.

A friend of the woman that was hit with the fry confronted Kieran and called him out for being so rude and inappropriate. Not only did she yell at him, but she grabbed him by the neck and scared him nearly to tears. Although, Kieran claims he was not near tears, but merely looked that way.

“Look son, don’t be a f****** wido.”

Metro U.K. reported that a McDonald’s bouncer approached the incident and threw Kieran and his friends out of the establishment before it got too far out of control. Despite looking like a fool when it was all through, Kieran decided to upload the video to the internet, claiming it was hilarious. The description summed up the action pretty well.

“Pinged a wee chip at someone who kept pure staring at me, then this happened! Look like am about to cry but am not.”

Kieran was asked about the video and whether being a wido is an appropriate way to act. He replied that it was funny, so he does not regret it.

“Aye, I am a bit of a wido. But I don’t regret it. I thought it was really funny.”

Do you feel that the woman reacted appropriately to the incident, or should she have gone to the bounce or manager for help? What about Kieran, was it really just a joke, or did he go too far?

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]