Facebook Legacy: Keep Your Facebook Active After You Die

Social media has embedded itself into the lives of countless individuals across the world. Essentially, it has become an extension of expression and existence, all wrapped up in a bundle. Despite an individual’s coexistence with the virtual world of social media, the symbiotic relationship does not end after death. Instead, a person’s social media account may live on for many years after their demise. In response to the issue, Facebook has launched a new program called Facebook Legacy, which offers the account owner the option to appoint a friend or loved one to memorialize the account or delete it completely.

ABC News reported on the new feature, which was released on February 12, by posting a screen capture shared by Facebook. The Facebook Legacy option will allow a user to appoint a next of kin to access the page and request it to either be removed from public view or become a memorial page. If the page is requested to be turned into a memorial, the word “remembering” will be displayed above the username. The appointed person will also be able to post to the page, update the cover photo and profile picture, and respond to friend requests. However, the appointed person will not be allowed access to any private messages on the account.

Photo Courtesy Facebook Press release

BBC News shared that the appointed user will also be able to download a file that includes the deceased users photos, posts, and profile information.

Facebook shared the Legacy option in a press release.

“When a person passes away, their account can become a memorial of their life, friendships and experience. By talking to people who have experienced loss, we realized there is more we can do to support those who are grieving and those who want a say in what happens to their account after death.”

The Facebook Legacy option solves an issue the social media giant has been hoping to tackle for some time. In the past, they released a memorializing option, which would disallow a deceased user’s information, including photos, to be used alongside advertisements in the sidebar. Facebook Legacy will build upon that by allowing the page to be properly identified and allow friends and family to share their support and love, or allow the page to be removed without jumping through complicated hoops.

Currently, Facebook Legacy is available to users within the United States only but is expected to be rolled out worldwide soon.

[Photo Courtesy: Silicone Republic]