‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Police Make An Arrest After Sam’s Remains Are Found

The debut season of How to Get Away with Murder is almost over, and there are big developments ahead. Annalise and her students are still scrambling, but will they get away with Sam’s murder? Fans are anxious for HTGAWM spoilers about Thursday’s episode, and there are some great ones available.

According to the TV Guide synopsis, this one is titled “She’s a Murderer.” There will be a startling development regarding Sam’s case, and both Annalise and her students will be taken by surprise. It would seem that the big surprise, at least in large part, is regarding the discovery of Sam’s remains in the landfill. From the looks of things, there will be a lot of finger-pointing over how that came to happen.

TVLine teases How to Get Away with Murder spoilers that everything falls apart in this episode, and viewers will see who has been lying and some of the motives behind different people’s actions. Katie Findlay, who plays Rebecca, teases that her character is all about staying out of jail, and she wants Wes to stay out of jail too since she loves and needs him.

In this episode, viewers will see Rebecca shift from being protected to protective. While she does care for Wes, she doesn’t feel all that strongly about the other students. As for the others, they’re all struggling with different problems in the aftermath.

Wes is dealing with nightmares, Michaela is at odds with her fiance, Aiden, and Conner’s worried about his car. Sam’s sister Hannah is suspicious of Annalise, and Asher remains in the dark. He’s a liability, though, and that will definitely come into play in these last couple of episodes.

A How to Get Away with Murder spoiler sneak peek shared via the show’s Facebook page shows the students hearing the news about Sam’s remains and questioning how they were found. Is Annalise setting them up? Could they all go down for this? Hannah, played by Marcia Gay Harden, has made it clear that she will stop at nothing to figure out what happened to her brother. Now that it’s known he was murdered, her passion will surely intensify.

Karla Souza, who plays Laurel, teases a big HTGAWM spoiler via TV Guide. She says that there is something found in the woods by police, and it leads to an arrest. Could this be Michaela’s missing ring, or something else that ties one of the group to Sam’s murder? It seems that the arrest will drive a wedge between the students and Annalise. Laurel has been fairly in control until now, but it seems she will sense Annalise turning on the group, and she’ll work to save herself over the others.

Does Michaela end up in jail? Will Annalise turn on her students to try to save herself? This show has thrown plenty of twists and turns at viewers throughout this first season, and fans expect big things in these last couple of episodes of the season. Tune into the Season 1, Episode 12 show of How to Get Away with Murder airing on ABC on Thursday, February 12 to see just what comes next.

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