Family Marks Third Anniversary Of Whitney Houston’s Death With Words, Guarding Her Grave, Praying For Bobbi Kristina

On this day in 2012, Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel bathroom. Three years later, Houston’s family remember her with touching words, a guard at her gravesite, and praying for Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s daughter, who was found in an eerily similar situation.

E! Online is reporting today while the family is at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta at Bobbi Kristina’s side, praying for her to get well, members of the family took time to remember Houston.

Tina Brown, Houston’s sister-in-law, posted to Facebook remembering Houston.

“I miss you MY sister…rip nip….I miss you sis,…like crazy!!!!!!-…rip my sister…,” she posted, adding that she was “feeling heartbroken” in the status. She also included several photos of Whitney, including the Ebony cover of Whitney, husband Bobby Brown and their daughter.

Jerod Brown, Whitney Houston’s nephew, posted a lengthy remembrance about Houston.

“You will never know the last moment you will experience, the last conversation you will have, the last photo you will take. Well this was the last photo we took with you auntie and if I would have known that I would’ve taken a few more lol,” he wrote. “In life we forget to take a few more photos, share a few more laughs, shed a few more tears, overcome a few more struggles, mentor a few more people.”

“By chance we are all born, by choice we live, and we are all promised death. One thing auntie was about was Family. Right or wrong, Family is Family. It was an honor to have known you, to be loved by you, and to be inspired by you. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU… ‪#‎WakeUpBK.”

Jerod also posted a YouTube video in honor of his aunt, which can be seen here. is reporting that Whitney Houston’s final resting place has been guarded by a private firm. The plot includes the remains of Whitney’s father, John Russell Houston, who passed away in 2003. Representatives of Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, N.J., are saying they will “make no comment whatsoever” about Houston’s grave. There is also no word whether, if the worst were to happen, that Bobbi Kristina would be buried alongside her mother and grandfather.

Missing from the cemetery were the throngs of people who visited the burial site three years ago, when Houston was buried after being found face down in a Beverly Hilton hotel room bathtub in Hollywood, C.A., unresponsive. Attempts to revive Houston were unsuccessful.

The cemetery was wary of a repeat of Houston’s burial, with thousands of onlookers and clogged streets. The cemetery felt it best to close the cemetery to the public. No one is sure how long the private security guard, or the closed gates on the cemetery, will remain.

Meanwhile, the family is keeping vigil at Bobbi Kristina’s side, hoping she will come out of her medically induced coma. Though numerous news agencies have reported that life support would be turned off today, family lawyer Christopher Brown said that is not, and will not be, the case. The outcome remains grim for Bobbi Kristina. The family, however, remains hopeful. The family is sticking to its press release of last week, saying Bobbi Kristina is “fighting for her life.”

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