Thanks Obama! POTUS Stars In Hilarious Buzzfeed Video

President Obama appeared in a new Buzzfeed video, which went viral as quickly as it was posted by the popular site. In the video, the POTUS encourages people to sign up for insurance using the Healthcare.Gov website before February 15, but he also uses a selfie stick and has a few funny lines. The Hill reports that the instantly popular video garnered more than 100,000 views in less than an hour. The original Buzzfeed post has also been shared around 17,000 times on Facebook. Even the Blaze wrote about it without saying anything negative.

Obama goofs off in mirror in Buzzfeed video.

The POTUS made faces in a mirror throughout parts of the video, and one scene showed him practicing his speech to get people signed up for the Affordable Care Act. President Obama also used the popular punchline “Thanks, Obama!” in a scene when he couldn’t fit a cookie into a glass of milk. The hilarious video was short but effective in using comedy to deliver the important message that Americans need to hurry and sign up if they want to be covered for 2015! The video was full of funny moments, some more subtle than others. He even says “prune” before taking a photo of himself at one point — something Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have recommended in the past. Watch the video.

The responses to Buzzfeed’s instantly viral video were mixed but mostly positive, with numerous comments on Obama’s use of social media and media to reach out to younger people. The hashtag #ThanksObama is currently highly active with GIFs, memes, and jokes about the latest video. There doesn’t appear to be any negative reviews of the instantly viral video, even if people are split regarding whether they support “Obamacare” or not.

President Obama has passionately pushed for people to sign up for healthcare since the Affordable Care Act became the law of the land, and this Buzzfeed video isn’t the first attempt at attracting young people. The White House has also been behind advertisements that sparked controversy. The Denver Post wrote in 2013 that some of the adverts sparked negative backlash over the portrayal of women and glorification of promiscuity. The negative reaction rippled from Colorado to national media sources, but it should be noted that these ads only appeared on social media — much like this latest Buzzfeed video featuring Obama.

[Photo credits: Buzzfeed]