‘Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Gets Naked With Conan O’Brien At Korean Spa

Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on AMC’s hit television show, was featured in a clip on Conan last night, wherein the two go together to experience the Wi Spa. The “authentic Korean spa” is located in Koreatown in New York City, where host Conan O’Brien had a full-day experience that was then condensed into a 10-minute, hilariously side-splitting video for his viewers.

O’Brien, who is known for his comedic videos like his recent pitting of Seahawks versus Patriots in Mortal Kombat X, has brought his comedy to a whole new realm, involving the uncomfortable looking Walking Dead star in his antics.

“You battle zombies for a living, why do you look scared?” the TV host asks Yeun at the beginning of their adventure, knowing that Steven has had quite a ride with the Walking Dead, and it will only continue, as Glenn takes a leading position in Season 5.

“You have to be naked,” Yeun replies, which prompted O’Brien to tell the actor that he had never been naked.

Yeun’s deadpan and usually serious face throughout the video seem to offset the boisterious comedy of O’Brien, but there are glimpses of a laugh or smile from Yuen, usually when O’Brien experiences some discomfort or pain. They follow up their awkward time in a sauna, where O’Brien has a spa client touch his chest to see how fit he is, with a dip in a pool, where the water temperature is only 61 F. The result is Yeun and O’Brien clinging to one another to stay warm, and another spa guest joins them in their huddle to get warm. At this point, Yeun is about as far removed from The Walking Dead as he can get.

Next, in a place where O’Brien assumes they perform “dolphin autopsies,” he takes part in a scrub, a painful body treatment that is meant to slough off all of the dead skin from the body. Seeing the process done on O’Brien, Yeun can’t help but laugh, as the late night show host claims the treatment is “scrubbing off freckles” and a layer of skin he’s had “since Jimmy Carter was President!”

The treatment concludes with the pair picking out another sauna to go into, one that O’Brien remarks looks like “Cocoa Puffs,” in which they meet another patron, one who has no idea who the pair are. They have a short conversation and finish off the day with nightmares that the day at the spa has brought before leaving with a plus-one tailing behind them.

So while Steven Yeun can battle zombies on one of the highest-rated shows on television, he still can’t get the image of a naked Conan O’Brien out of his head.

You can watch the clip in all its glory on the Team Coco YouTube Channel.

[Image credited to Danielle Kosann via The New Potato]

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