‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Might Support Nvidia TXAA, AMD Mantle Left Out In Cold?

Some interesting rumors about Grand Theft Auto V on PC have been floating around in recent days. GTA V has long been thought to be billed as an AMD Gaming Evolved title, some new evidence is pointing to enhanced Nvidia support.

Reported by Gaming Bolt, a listing on the Nvidia Gameworks page for GTA V was shown to list TXAA support for the game. As of this writing that listing has been removed. However, a screenshot taken by Gaming Bolt clearly shows the advanced anti-aliasing technique being supported by Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V GTA V TXAA

TXAA is an Nvidia exclusive anti-aliasing technique that helps reduce jaggies in the picture. The technique is specifically designed to reduce flickering and crawling seen in motion while playing games, otherwise known as temporal aliasing. GTA V could greatly benefit by implementing this technique to make for a much smoother, crisper image compared to the console versions of the game. GTA V will allow for 4K and DSR support, allowing for some Grand Theft Auto players to play at resolution and framerates considerably higher than their 1080p30 console brethren.

News that TXAA might be supported by GTA V has some people perplexed, as speculation has circulated, via a list on Tom’s Hardware, that Rockstar’s blockbuster would be among upcoming games to allow for AMD’s Mantle API. AMD’s low-level rendering API can be used instead of the more universal Direct X 11 in some games, allowing the application to speak directly to the GPU, providing faster rendering and better performance. The less work the CPU has to do, the more efficient the GPU’s render will be, thus eliminating some potential bottlenecks in performance. The inclusion of Mantle in GTA V has yet to be confirmed by either AMD or Rockstar, so Grand Theft Auto V players will be left speculating until closer to launch.

It is fair to assume that maybe GTA V’s TXAA listing was set prematurely. Why would Nvidia place it on GTA’s Gameworks page, only to take it down? One can gather that the developer and Nvidia are waiting to announce support closer to GTA V’s PC launch. The listing could also have been placed in error, and no such support will actually exist. Either way, it’s interesting to speculate, given that even a month before the game’s launch we still don’t know a lot about GTA V’s technical goodies coming to PC gamers.

While you wait for GTA V to grace your computer screens, players who own the next-gen versions (and there’s a lot of you), you can enjoy some fan-made online missions inspired by past GTA titles, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Grand Theft Auto V will release on PC March 24.

[Image via Gaming Bolt, GTA V]