Justin Bieber Record With Diplo & Skrillex’s Jack U Tipped To Be ‘Insane’

While Justin Bieber readies his reportedly Rick Rubin-produced new album, a little social media heat about a previously announced Biebs-Jack U track surfaced on Wednesday.

Last November, it was reported that EDM titans Skrillex and Diplo — in their joint outing as Jack U — had worked on a Bieber track and given it an electronic makeover.

At the time, the news was revealed by Dash Radio’s DJ SKEE. He claimed those who had heard the song said, “It’s supposed to be really really dope, crossing over a few different formats.”

He added, “They’re saying a lot of people who aren’t feeling Bieber or wouldn’t necessarily like that record are going to be caught off guard by that. So, shout out to Skrillex and Diplo for just killing the game.”

Fast forward to high praise of the Bieber-Diplo-Skrillex track on Twitter yesterday.

French, Grammy nominated producer, artist and DJ, William Grigahcine, tweeting under the name @DJ Snake, wrote,

“This Jack U x Justin Bieber record is insane,” which was duly picked up by Bieber fans.

The tweet then was retweeted by Diplo. Shortly after, Texas producer Ape Drums tweeted @DJSnake with his plaudit of the Bieber-Jack U track, writing,

Certain tweets by DJ Snake were then deleted, but a fan captured a few more.

Meanwhile, in a recent(ish) interview with Complex magazine, Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, said the 20-year-old ‘s new album “will shock some people and make others really happy.”

He also said Justin wouldn’t be defined by his mistakes, but by how he overcomes those missteps, while adding the singer’s new music would have an “openness about what he’s learned in the last year.”

Back in January, the Biebs confirmed in the music issue of V magazine in early January that he was dropping a new album and intended to tour this year. A few weeks later, he teased two music snippets on Instagram which could be from his new album, shortly after posing for pics in the studio with Rubin.

Justin captioned his photo “With the man Rick,” while Scooter posted, “Working on some history! @justinbieber – Rick and JB”.

Justin Bieber Rick Rubin
(Photo: The singer’s caption to this pic read, “With the man Rick”)

According to previous reports, and a new claim by a fan (seen below) that Bieber met in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Canadian’s new album is expected to be released in May.

Yesterday, Bieber revealed visited the San Francisco offices of the selfie app, Shots, that he is an investor in.

The singer was also spotted at a local seafood eatery and posted pictures from his time in the Bay.

Until the Jack U-Justin Bieber track and the singer’s new album drops, listen below to an Instagram snippet of a possible new song on the latter.

Who’s ready for the Biebs’ new sounds? Form an orderly queue.

[Images via Shots/Instagram]