Yolanda Foster: 'RHOBH' Star Has Trouble Forming Sentences

A new report confirms that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster will be in the upcoming reunion, but her participation will be limited due to her health condition.

Each of the RHOBH reality stars are contractually obligated to participate in the reunion, which is currently scheduled to be filmed within the next couple of weeks.

Radar Online reported on Wednesday that Yolanda Foster "obviously wouldn't be forced" to participate if she could not do so because of her diagnosed case of Lyme disease.

However, an inside source revealed to Radar that Yolanda is not allowing the disease to stop her from fulfilling her obligations to the show in that regard.
"Yolanda does want to do it, because she is always so professional about work commitments."
The source further explained Yolanda's current condition in detail, including the main issues that the reality star is struggling with currently.
"The main issue with Yolanda's health is the constant fatigue, and serious memory issues. Recently, Yolanda has had trouble just forming sentences and sometimes can't clearly articulate what she is trying to say."
The neurological health condition of the Dutch starlet is obviously dwindling, but she reportedly believes that her appearance on the televised reunion will raise awareness for Lyme disease.

The inside source told Radar that Yolanda is not only determined to find a cure, but also wants to be there for her fans as well.

In a recent Bravo blog, the 51-year-old wife and mother had a chance to express how she was feeling in addition to her inability to process information or any type of stimulation.

"It feels like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it."
While apologizing for her recent lack of blogging, Yolanda also expressed that she has lost the ability to communicate intelligently due to her three-year struggle with Lyme disease. As previously reported by Radar, Foster's assistant may help her to write the blogs, but all of the thoughts shared belong to Yolanda.
"[Yolanda's] determined to get back to the person she used to be, no matter what it takes."
Yolanda's husband, David, opened up to People about his wife's condition by calling her a "warrior" that is "going to beat it."David has also admitted that he tries to be as supportive of his wife as possible whenever he is home. Even when he is not there, David sends Yolanda Foster love notes, flowers, and tweets to help fill the void left by his absence until he can return to her side.

[Image Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images]